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When Sharon Stone says that she has lost half of her money, she starts to cry.

Sharon Stone has been struggling to pay her bills. At a recent event, the 65-year-old actor couldn’t stop crying while she was on stage. Even though this may come as a surprise, it shows that Hollywood stars have money troubles just like everyone else. During this hard time, Sharon is in our thoughts and prayers. Her strength and honesty have moved us.

Stone, who won the Courage Award at a Women’s

Cancer Fund event, got up on stage, and spoke from the heart. She told the people at the gala, “I know it’s hard to figure out how to text the money on that thing.” She told him, “I’m not very good with technology, but I can write a cheque.” She said this to show that she knew that giving money took guts.

The 65-year-old woman was so upset that she started crying when she said, “I just lost half my money, but that doesn’t mean I’m not here.”

Stone has been having trouble with money, and not too long ago, he also had to deal with a terrible event. Just a few weeks ago, Patrick, her younger brother, died of a heart attack at age 57.

The actress was so sad that she shared an old picture of herself holding her brother on Instagram with the words “RIP my brother Patrick Joseph Stone.”

She also cried when she shared a video to confirm the sad news. Sharon thanked her fans for supporting her “in this time of unimaginable sorrow.”

After something else terrible happened in the family, her brother died. Patrick’s son River, Sharon’s nephew, died at 11 months old in 2021 from “total organ failure.”

Even though she’s had a lot of bad luck and problems lately, the actress still tries to look on the good side and add humour whenever she can.

Stone turned 65 on March 10. Just a few days ago, that happened. She shared pictures of herself on Instagram with a birthday balloon. She made the pictures even funnier by putting on fake wax lips and writing, “I went to Hollywood.” People liked what her fans said about her funny post because it was hard not to laugh.

Sharon Stone is interesting to us, and the more we find out about her, the more we want to know about her amazing life. Check out some of our other stories about this well-known actress.

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