You are currently viewing A kind young man shop for groceries, mows their lawn, and visits them in the hospital.

A kind young man shop for groceries, mows their lawn, and visits them in the hospital.

When one neighbor needs help, they are there for the other.

I love having a friend next door. We can say hello and run chores for each other. Having 15-year-old Romemylion Mitchell as a neighbor has been great for Trent and Cianne Joyner. Many of late, Trent and Cianne have been having health problems that make it harder for them to do normal things.

The Joyners live across the street from Romemylion, and over the years, they’ve become very close. The nice young man comes by often to say hello, check on them, and find out how they’re doing. He often goes to the store with Trent and helps him carry his things. The nice young man also does things around the house for his elderly neighbors and mows their yard for free.

Cianne had to stay in the hospital for a while when she recently got sick. Juliemylion and her daughter Tiki Joyner Edwards came to see her. The young man showed Tiki so much kindness that she had to write him a public thank you message.

Tiki wrote, “I just want to take a moment to recognize this nice guy who lives across the street from my parents.” “He loves and cares for them very much and checks on them every day.” He goes to the store with his dad, helps him shop, and takes home the groceries. He also cuts the grass and does other things they might need. Not many 15-year-olds would care about and be there for their elderly friends.

And she talks about how Romemylion went to the hospital to see her mom and started crying as soon as he walked in. He then gave her mom a long, loving hug.

“When he saw his mom today, he cried and held her close. What a blessing! I just wanted to share something happy instead of the sad news we hear and see every day…”

A lot of people have liked how thoughtful and kind this young man is.

“What a wonderful young man. Sue M. wrote, “Bless his sweet heart.”

“It made me cry…””What a beautiful angel he is,” said Barbara M.

“What a great young man. It’s great to hear about him!” talked about Kimberly B.

“What a picture of how reliable God is! love. “Thank you for sharing and making my day warmer,” Momo L. said.

“I cried over that!” It’s a blessing to see teens who love and give in that way. Lisa P. wrote, “He will be a great man one day.”

We love you.

Please show kindness to others. When we share stories and actions of compassion and kindness, we motivate and urge others to treat others with kindness and compassion every day, which makes the world a better place for everyone.

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