You are currently viewing The person who usually cleaned the restaurant could take her first order as a cashier.

The person who usually cleaned the restaurant could take her first order as a cashier.

A cashier at an Arby’s restaurant who usually cleaned the lobby was happy to take her first order as a cashier.

Emily Trusty wrote on her blog, “I’d like to introduce Anna.” “Anna was hired four weeks ago!! She works a few days a week and talks to tourists and cleans the lobby. She quickly became the store’s face.

She set Anna up at the cash register, and Anna was able to take her first order.

“Anna got her first order on the front lines today.” She was able to move around the screen, take names, and give out change with some help. Anna said it herself: “Nailed It.” She even kept the order ticket to show everyone as proof!! “We’re proud!”

Anna has also liked making food orders for people.

Emily said, “Every day she learns new things and grows.

” “Recently, she started learning how to make sandwiches.” She says she knows how to box, wrap, and cut sandwiches like a pro! She works every day and still rocks as the face of our store!! We’re so proud!”

Anna’s growth and beautiful smile have been praised by thousands of hearts online.

“Oh, that’s great! “Bless your heart, honey, good job,” Francoise S. said.

“As the parent of a daughter with special needs, I know how hard it is for them to reach a goal that might not seem important to us.” It’s great to be there when they’re happy, and it’s even better to see other people happy too!!! Ivan O. said, “The world needs more smiles like Anna’s!”

“Thank you, Emily, for hiring this smart young woman.”

You were definitely right. It wasn’t just what they wrote on paper when I was hiring people. Their talk with me told me a lot more. About those people. Even this picture makes it clear that Anna has a great attitude!! She is proud of what she does at work and likes it. She seems like a great choice for your company. Ann, don’t give up! Joy L. told her.

“Good job, Anna! Beautiful smile and sunshine! We need you more!” Jeanine B. wrote it.

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