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Jennifer Garner saves the farm where her mother grew up so that family memories won’t be lost.

Jennifer Garner is one of the most popular stars because she seems like someone anyone could talk to. Her Instagram is full of happy posts about being a mom and getting through life.

Patricia English Garner is the woman who gave birth to Jennifer Garner. When Patricia was a little girl, she lived on a farm in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, and she has many happy memories of that time.

She can even remember how her parents bought the land that has been in their family for many years. With a bonus her father got for serving in World War I, her parents bought the land in 1936.


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At the time, the family only had $700 to buy the land. She remembers that her soldier father and civilian mother didn’t even have a car when they bought the land. They had to pay someone to drive them there.

“My parents didn’t even have a car, so when they heard land was for sale, they paid someone to take them there. “The farm had a two-room house and 20 acres, minus one acre that was a Native American cemetery in the middle of the land,” Patricia said.

Mom told me that Dad spent the whole day standing on his feet and talking about $20. When they finally agreed on a price, the deal was done, and the land was bought. Since then, our family has had it,” she said.

It didn’t even have running water or indoor plumbing, which is what you would expect from a house from that time. When Jennifer’s mother was a child, she lived on that 20-acre piece of land.

People grew up and moved away, so the farm was owned by more than one family. It went from one family member to the next as it was bought and sold. Then, in 2017, Jennifer Garner chose to buy the farm on her own.

She bought the farm, but not to keep it in the family. She also planned to turn it back into a business that made money. She asked her uncle Robert and her aunt Janet, who used to own the farm, for help.

It had been 40 years since the farm had been planted or cared for. Her mother and her brothers all used to like farming a lot. They grew lettuce, radishes, and potatoes and sold nuts.

And Jennifer wanted to talk about that again. Together with Ari Raz, John Foraker, and Cassandra Curtis, she started “Once Upon a Farm.” The plan was to grow organic fruits and veggies that could be made into healthy food for kids.

She said that she had been thinking about the project for a long time. “Once upon a time,” she said, “we dreamed of bringing baby food back to its roots by using organic fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers, blended with love, and served straight from the fridge.” We thought that mealtimes would be less stressful if we could give our kids foods that give them all the nutrients they need and more.

Jennifer says that making sure busy moms get good food is important to her.

Since it opened in 2018, the business has done very well. Their products are sold in some of the largest stores in the U.S., and you can also buy them on the website of the business.

I think it’s so sweet that she bought the farm because she knew it was important to her family and turned it into a business that made money.

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