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“People Wanted to Keep Me a Secret”: A Plus-Size Woman’s Journey to Love and Acceptance

In a world where making fun of people’s bodies is common, one woman goes against the odds and finds love on her own terms. Alex Aspasia is a plus-size model who doesn’t apologize for how much she loves herself and how confident she is. Even though people said negative things about her, she was able to move on and focus on the good things in her life. But that’s not all. She has also found love, and she and her husband recently told the world about it.

One date wouldn’t let her hold his hand in public.

Alex’s road toward self-love has been hard. Men she used to date used to hide her from view, and one of them was even afraid to hold her hand in public because she was overweight. She felt like she didn’t deserve good things, that she wasn’t good enough, and that she wasn’t beautiful.

She said, “I used to meet people who didn’t want other people to know about me. Because I was overweight, another person wouldn’t hold my hand in public. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. It’s not enough. Not attractive. When I was at my worst, I remember thinking, “I’ll never let anyone make me feel like that again.”

Her husband loves and cares for her a lot.


Now, she is happy to tell everyone about her relationship with her new boyfriend. In their TikTok videos, the couple cuddles, looks at each other with love, and kisses each other on the lips. It’s a sweet sign of love that tells us all that size shouldn’t stop us from meeting someone special.

They met on an app for dating.


Alex Aspasia’s path to love has been nothing less than amazing. She met her now-husband, Matthew, a digital developer, on a dating app in the summer of 2019. And they liked each other right away. Their feelings for each other were so strong that they chose to get married in April 2022. This would show how much they love and care for each other.

Her husband was called “desperate” by trolls.


But things haven’t always been easy in their love story. As a plus-size model, Alex has had to deal with her fair share of body shame and rude comments. Strangers on the internet have told her she will “crush his legs” and that he is “desperate” to be with her. But the couple still loves each other and isn’t bothered by the negative comments.

“That’s awful. But we are totally crazy about each other. I now know what I’m worth. Just because you are overweight or plus-sized doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love. I want people to know that you deserve respect.”

She would be very proud of and admire her younger self for how far she has come.


Even though people say mean things about her body online, this size 26 model has learned to love showing it off. She says, “If you had told me when I was younger that I would be in a bikini in public at my size, I would have never believed you.”

Unfortunately, her critics have forced her to cover up in the past. She said, “My mom didn’t make me, but I had to wear those really ugly one-pieces and cover up as much as I can.”

“It’s okay to love your belly, big thighs, and big arms. They’re there, they’re not going anywhere, and it’s hot outside and I don’t want to be wearing three layers.”

She knows how to stand up to people who make fun of her body.

Alex has been criticized and shamed about her body online over and over again. She knows how hurtful it was to be called a “beach whale,” and she jokes, “They’re like’spotted the beach whale.'” I’m like, “That’s different, but at least think of something good.”

Unfortunately, the negative comments don’t end there. Some people say that big women shouldn’t show their bodies because “disgusting” big bellies. Alex is proud of her body, though, because she knows “This is a real woman’s body. Real women have cellulite, stretch marks, and rolls.”

She tells plus-size women not to be afraid to wear their favorite bikinis.


She pushes people with all her heart to love their bodies and celebrate their paths to self-acceptance. She is sure that anyone who is thinking about wearing a bikini for the first time should do it, even if it’s just in their own home or garden. She says, “Put it on, and just know that your body is worthy—get it out.”

Alex knows how important her actions are and how they affect other people, especially women with her body type. She says, “It’s important that women who look like me feel like they can wear that bikini after seeing me in it.”

As this touching journey full of love and acceptance comes to an end, a new story begins. In the next section, a plus-size model will talk about the hurtful comments that her boyfriend is “out of her league.”

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