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10+ People Who Captured the Perfect Moment

Having a camera on hand, even if it’s only a phone, can come in handy. Rarely do people manage to record truly amazing events, such as a pink pigeon just strolling around, but occasionally they do. And it doesn’t matter if it’s on the commute to work or with the family; social media appreciates it all.

Now I’ve Seen It All requests that you have a look at these well timed photographs. It could make you happy, after all!

Our initial impression is that this is not the case.

Second, “I saw this tyre cover earlier today…”

3. “Today I saw my friend’s nephew.”

The tyres on the car I saw on the way to work were really, really enormous.

Fifthly, “I caught the moment my husky realised that we had driven up to the snow line on the mountain.”

6. “This is me, age four (1989), going full derp because my mom got me a Ghostbusters toy.”

Inquiring, “How was your delivery? Oh my god, that was an aargh!

Eighth, “My jam was so relieved to be out of the cupboard.”

Nine. “When we wash my cat’s face, she gets mad.”

10. “The photo I took was cut in half by the flash from my brother’s camera.”

Preview photo credit Winsthorne / Reddit

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