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Science Shows That Lefties Are the Real Deal

About 10% of the global population is left-handed, and many of history’s most influential figures were also left-handed. This quality was once regarded undesirable, and those who possessed it were shunned by society. Left-handed persons were once thought to be less intelligent than their right-handed counterparts, but as time passed and scientific understanding expanded, it became obvious that this was not the case.

Some truly remarkable insights into lefties and what makes them so special were uncovered by Bright Side.
Left-handed people tend to be more creative.

According to a study featured in the American Journal of Psychology, left-handed people are more likely to be creative. The research demonstrates that individuals excel at thinking creatively about how to address an issue. Over 2,000 left-, right-, and ambidextrous people participated in a survey by The Left-Handers’ Club (a pro-leftie club devoted to research on left-handedness) and their findings showed that lefties are more likely to pursue employment in the creative and technical fields.

Lefties make better artists.

They are more talented in athletics.

One-on-one sports, such as tennis, badminton, and boxing, favour lefties. Linguist Rik Smits writes in his book The Puzzle of Left-Handedness that left- and right-handed sportsmen alike typically train against right-handed opponents. Therefore, right-handed players are unprepared when they meet a left-handed opponent. On the other hand, the lefty is well-equipped to take on a righty.

They make good fighters.

In 2019, researchers revealed that 17% of male boxers and 12.5% of female boxers are left-handed. That’s a sizable number, especially when contrasted to the 10% of the population that is left-handed. The research also showed that these fighters had a better than 50% chance of victory over right-handed opponents. This suggests that left-handed fighters have a distinct advantage.

Bonus: All lefties can relate to this.

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