You are currently viewing 15+ Inspiring Examples of Tattoo Cover-Ups for Birthmarks and Scars (Recent Pics)

15+ Inspiring Examples of Tattoo Cover-Ups for Birthmarks and Scars (Recent Pics)

Some of you probably consider your scars to be badges of honour. They bring back memories of exciting times in your past. Possiblely cherished recollections. We can’t all afford such luxuries, unfortunately. Scars are a constant reminder of our past, but there are moments when we would do anything to erase them. How about unattractive birthmarks, though?

Thankfully, there are talented tattoo artists out there that can make any design imaginable. Look at these photographs, please.

Firstly, Scar into Fishbone? Clever!

Covering Up a Burned Child at Home. The Best Way To Hide A Scar Is With A Phoenix Tattoo.

03. Wow! My first and only experience with a tattoo that includes its own relief

Fourth, here’s one more embroidered flower. Beautiful!

Do You See A Paw Print Around That Birthmark? Cute!

Tattooing over scars after undergoing laser scar removal treatments for six years. The Return on Investment Is Obvious. Adorable!

A Pleasant Reminder, That. I Ought to Get One, Too

Eighth, You’re Made Of Fish Scales. Wait! What Doesn’t It Mean to Say “Fish Skin”?

9. That Tattoo To Hide Your C-Section Scar Is Amazing

What’s that, number ten? Similar to, but not quite, a fish skeleton

Eleventhly, an Attempt to Hide a Birthmark. Amazing, Look at All This Talent!

Twelve, that tattoo covers up the scar so well I can’t even see it. Amazing!

Does everyone seem to be into alien abduction?

14 They have planted cherry blossoms to hide a scar that is 40 years old.

Ink in three dimensions? Incredible!

Do the Logical Thing Sometimes

This disguise is awesome; the number 17. He must be in the mood to plunder now.

Removing Scars from Past Self-Inflicted Wounds; Number Eighteen. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have to resort to cover-ups any time soon.

Feelings of Embroidered Flowers are a Must

twenty. “Beam Me Up, Scotty”

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