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20 Amazing Tattoos with Textures

Carlos Velasquez, who goes by the name Velco, is a tattoo artist who makes unique tattoos with different textures. He just started getting tattoos in 2019, but he has already gotten very good at making rough tattoos.

His shop is where he does tattoos, designs, and makes music. Demilked asked him about his first scar when they talked. He said that he only did small lines at first because he wanted to learn more about the skin, the needle, and the ink. After practising for a year, I tried out different methods and found the dotwork effect. A client asked me to add shading to one of my drawings, so I did. I couldn’t believe how much I liked the rough texture and how it changed the way I tattooed.

Velco said that the result also reminded him of the beautiful, old, grainy look of pictures taken with a film camera. Since then, I’ve been trying to find ways to use this look in my designs. Check out the pictures to see his amazing tattoos.

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