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Life’s milestones, from the first grins and walks to the first kisses and dates, can be captured and kept forever. In preserving intimate exchanges, photography preserves memories that would otherwise be lost.

It’s like having access to a bizarre time machine that allows you to relive pivotal moments from your past or trace the inexorable course of your own personal transformation. But the most accurate assessments can be made with side-by-side comparisons of the “before” and “after” images.

Today, we’d like to show you some of the best images and share our joy with you. We hope you find these parallels as interesting as we do.

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A father and his two little daughters, ten years apart.

The 3D printing process was the final chapter for this toucan with a new beak.

The storm that hit Zlatni Rat beach in Croatia.

The bottom one is from maybe 2 years ago, when my guy was a pup. He’s fifteen, and he’s still going strong!

Pedalling through Kreuzberg in 1985 and 2018.

Our first journey together in 2013 is now the site of his proposal to me in 2018.

Our relationship has lasted for the past 17 years.

It’s been her favourite spot for decades.

What a change three years can make!

Side by side photos from my high school and university ceremonies. It’s great that people can see that going to college made me so much happier. For me, those were the most formative years.

The time span between the two pictures is only 15 months, yet it seems much longer.

The phone my mother used in 1998 and the one I use in 2018.

We first crossed paths in 1997, when we were both in second grade. After 21 years, here we are.

I’ve gotten a lot of things back thanks to my sobriety, but this is the most obvious. The last 220 days have been the best yet.

“Every year on the anniversary of his adoption, we reenact ‘The Circle of Life.'”

18 years of loving the best kid ever!

Apple’s original headquarters and the company’s present location.

In 1832, Jonathan, the giant tortoise, entered the world. The left photo was shot in 1902, and the right one was taken in 2017. Tortoise has lived for 186 years.

The couple has been together for 22 years.

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