You are currently viewing Hugh Jackman shared a rare photo of himself and his sister; now, people call them twins.

Hugh Jackman shared a rare photo of himself and his sister; now, people call them twins.

Someone online called Hugh Jackman and his sister Zoe “Wolverine and Wolverine” after the star shocked everyone with a picture of them together. With how much they look alike, it’s easy to see why these two are making waves on the internet.

He isn’t as old as Zoe.

Hugh Jackman posted a selfie of him and one of his sisters hanging out together on Instagram on August 22, 2023, to honor one of his sisters. In the post’s caption, the X-Men actor said, “I am so grateful for my sister Zoe.”

Right away, a lot of people wrote in the comments part about how similar they look. One person wrote, “She looks just like you, or you look just like her,” and another said they were “carbon copies” of each other.

Hugh and Zoe both grew up in different parts of the world.

He and his brothers Ian and Ralph grew up in Australia with their late father, Christopher Jackman. She and her sister Sonya grew up in the UK with their mother, Grace McNeil. All of the rules that kept the 5 kids apart came from their parents’ “traumatic” divorce.

The actor didn’t understand that his mother would never return until he was 12 or 13. After that, he would only see her “once a year.” “I thought it was likely that she would come back. “Then it just kept going and going,” he said in an interview.

Since then, the Hollywood veteran and his mom have made up, and in 2021, he shared pictures of them smiling and hugging.

Hugh Jackman is far from the only famous person to use Instagram to remember loved ones. Jennifer Lopez wrote a moving letter to her husband, Ben Affleck, for their first wedding anniversary.

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