You are currently viewing Josh Duhamel’s wife is a lot younger than he is, but he has always known that she was the one for him.

Josh Duhamel’s wife is a lot younger than he is, but he has always known that she was the one for him.

Stars seem to have aligned in actor Josh Duhamel’s favor, and love has a weird way of working itself out. Josh Duhamel recently married his 3-year girlfriend Audra Mari after divorcing singer Fergie. Apparently, he had known Mari was “the one” from the beginning of their relationship, so the idea of marriage had been percolating for quite some time before he dropped the question.

A common friend introduced Josh and Audra to each other.

The two met in March of 2019 and started dating in May. she was a competitor in a beauty pageant and he was a star on the show Life as We Know It. From the beginning, the chemistry between them was undeniable; witnesses regularly reported seeing the couple holding hands or kissing at airports and other public places. They seemed to become inseparable after experiencing “electric chemistry.”

In a spontaneous move, Duhamel asked Audra to marry him.

Josh claimed that proposing to his then-girlfriend Audra Mari on the beach was a spur-of-the-moment choice. He explained his choice: “I kind of decided last minute that was how I wanted to do it.” “I didn’t prepare for anything. I had not yet acquired a ring. Today is the day, I thought, and that’s how it went down.

Duhamel coordinated with the resort concierge to create a surprise for Mari, and despite his lack of planning, it was an event to remember. The note-filled bottle washed up on the beach during a stroll. Duhamel’s sincere “Audra Diane Mari Will You Marry Me?” was handwritten inside. Mari answered yes with tears in her eyes, and the couple posted a photo of themselves together online with the comment “It’s on!!”

Audra was always “the one” for him, he said.

During an interview, Josh raved about his fiancée, saying that he had known from an early stage that she was the one for him. He beamed as he agreed that Mari is a very cool chick. The two of us are made for one other. This young lady is incredible. She is the one who keeps me rooted to the earth. Duhamel remarked, “She keeps it real.” “She fits me like a glove.”

He went on to say that they had another thing in common: they were both originally from North Dakota. He gushed about Mari, saying, “She’s great,” to express how much he admires her.

The couple got engaged and married in under a year.

On September 10th, in their home state of North Dakota, Josh, 49, and Audra, 28, said their wedding vows. According to the actor’s Instagram post, the day was fantastic, but it wasn’t without its share of challenges. After “pulling some wild moves on the party bus” the night before the wedding, Duhamel said in an interview that he hurt his back and had to go to the hospital.

He claimed he hurt his back while trying to perform gymnastics moves while standing inside the bus. Despite this obstacle, he made it down the aisle, which he later joked was his favorite part of the ceremony. In a playful tone, he admitted, “I know I’m a little older than her,” adding, “This is not going to be a good look if I can’t walk down the aisle.”

Josh Duhamel and Audra Mari’s wonderful love story is proof that age is just a number, despite the fact that their age difference is 21 years. As they continue to establish a life together, it is evident that the couple’s love has no bounds and that they are completely at ease expressing their joy in each other.

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