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To honour his wife of 50 years, a man has planted 1.2 million sunflower seeds in secret.

How do you celebrate 50 years of marriage with the one you married? Lee Wilson, a farmer in Kansas, pondered this subject as his wedding anniversary drew near. He had met his future wife, Renee, in high school, but they didn’t start dating right away because she wasn’t legally allowed to have a romantic relationship with anyone until she was 16.

But when Renee’s birthday finally arrived, Lee called her right away. They skated together on their first date and have been inseparable ever since. Lee realised he needed to do something extraordinary to commemorate their decades together as a couple.

In a field of sunflowers, Lee and Renee stand together, beaming. Renee has picked a flower and is currently holding it.

Then he had an idea: He would grow acres and acres of her favourite flower.

“I put a lot of thought into it, and she always liked sunflowers,” Lee explained. And I figured it was a good year to sow sunflowers, so I gave her 80 acres worth.

Since May, when their son was old enough to help, Lee has been covertly seeding the fields with these lovely flowers. About 1.2 million sunflowers are blooming today, particularly for Renee, in honour of their anniversary next week.

Renee reflected, “I felt incredibly unique. A field of sunflowers was the most thoughtful anniversary present anyone could have given.

Lee and Renee look happy as they survey their sunflower crop. Lee supports Renee by putting his arm around her back.

Renee may have planted the flowers, but people from all across Kansas come to admire them. Lee has thoroughly enjoyed himself, but he won’t be joining us again next year. However, he recommends that people give this charming present idea a shot.

With their backs to the camera, Lee and Renee enter the sunflower field. Their hands are intertwined.

“Oh, it’s been fun, but I think one time is enough for us,” Lee added. “Next year it will be someone else’s turn.”

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