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Heroes put their lives in danger to save a baby giraffe who was drowning. (A video)

Lexnau says, “Congratulations, brave ones, lucky Giraffes!”

We’ve all heard stories about how dogs and dolphins helped people, but there are also many stories about how people helped animals. If love and respect were the building blocks of the whole world, everything would be better.

A young giraffe in Kenya got away from Dr. Owening just in time. It used to be stuck in Kenya’s Uaso Nyiro River.

It doesn’t have much chance of staying alive because the river is full of snakes and moves quickly. So, it almost perfectly predicted its de.ath and gradually gave up hope.

Lucky for the scared giraffe, some people and wildlife guards heard it and ran to help. Because these people were brave, the animal was saved after a few hours.


After coming close to dying, the young giraffe is happy to be back in its favorite environment.

I like how brave you are.

When a nice person put pictures of the rescue online, many praised them as heroes of the new age, and their actions helped spread many messages.

People are becoming increasingly aware of how important it is to help animals in trouble. This is because many species are on the verge of going extinct, and the list of animals that are considered “Endangered” keeps growing.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) recently said that many types of giraffes, including the Masai giraffe, are in danger of extinction. They are a type that lives in Kenya and Tanzania. In the wild, their numbers have dropped to about 35,000 in the last 30 years. When compared to the number of people, the difference is huge.

When there are more people, there is fewer animals. Why can’t all species live together in peace?

The best of luck to these guys and the baby giraffe!

Watch the video below to see how they were saved:

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