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A kind couple takes in 46 shelter dogs and builds them a safe place to run free.

A great thing to do is to adopt a dog from a shelter. These cute dogs came from homes where their owners had trouble caring for them, so they thought it best to give them up for adoption. There is a lot of stress for dogs during this time because they are very loyal and love their humans like family. It’s also less likely that someone will accept a shelter dog because they are usually past their puppy years. A lot of the dogs in shelters were also jobless or left behind somewhere else.

Mark and Sharon Starmer couldn’t help but adopt as many rescue dogs as they could after learning how sad and lonely their lives are…. They are very lucky to have 45 rescue dogs and one grey wolf right now. The puppies are very happy, as you can tell by their big smiles.

They all came from rescues and were in dire need of love and a home because people who wanted to adopt them often turned them down because they were too old or sick.

This kind Canadian couple got their first rescue dog in 2004 and started adopting pets. Since then, they’ve been moved to find dogs no one wants and give them a great, loving home.

Mark said, “All of our dogs live with us inside; we don’t have any cages, pens, or runs.” “They make a mess of the house and the dust is awful, but they’re all family to us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Some people have thought the couple was a little strange for having so many dogs, but they have stayed true to their belief that what counts most is that the dogs who were once alone and forgotten are now loved, cared for, and very happy.

These people and their son had to leave their home in Alberta in the past because the officials said they had too many dogs.

Mark said, “We didn’t know there were limits on how many dogs we could have.” “They told us that either the dogs or we had to leave. There was no game.”

After looking for three years, the couple finally found a house with a four-acre yard where their dogs could run free.

It costs more than most people think to care for so many dogs. It can be hard for Mark and Sharon to pay for food for all of their dogs and vet bills for dogs that already have health problems, but they are always up for a challenge.

“Taking care of 46 dogs is unbelievably expensive. They will always be the ones who get food, whether it’s for us or the dogs. Mark said, “Our food supplier and friends are very helpful, and that’s how we get by.”

The couple has had to give up some nice things to take care of their 46 pet friends. They don’t like going on vacations because they don’t want to be away from their pack.

Mark says, “We can’t give up our dogs, so we never take vacations or go away.” “They miss us and we miss them.”

You can still find the couple ready to adopt more dogs in need, but right now they are working on new ways to help the thousands of other dogs in North American shelters find their forever homes with people. Mark recently drove all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico, 3,000 miles round trip to give a dog to a new home.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world as long as you have a dog, he said.

This video shows their happy dogs running into their 4-acre yard at home. The looks on their faces say it all:

If you want a furry friend, you might want to adopt a dog instead of buying a puppy from a pet shop or a puppy mill. Too many cute dogs need and deserve a chance to live a life where they are loved and cared for. Because of Mark and Sharon, we know how good it can be.

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