You are currently viewing Grandma and grandchild, both 95 years old, share a passion for costume play.

Grandma and grandchild, both 95 years old, share a passion for costume play.

A grandmother’s love for her grandkids is unparalleled. When it comes to making you happy, no one is more indulgent than your grandmother.

Ross Smith has been in the industry of creating material for the web for a long time. The internet sensation first gained notoriety on the defunct social media site Vine. Many people started following him after he uploaded 6-second clips of his exploits to the app. But it wasn’t until he convinced his grandma to appear in one of his videos that he became popular.

Ross Smith’s grandma became a regular fixture in his films after that. Together, they’ve produced media for a wide range of outlets.

Vine was the seed from which Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more grew. But this was neither Ross’s initial intention nor his original strategy.

Ross lost thousands of followers and millions of views when Vine was shut down. Because of this, he thought his time as a viral sensation was up forever. A video he produced with his grandmother, however, quickly went viral on Facebook a few weeks later.

A Toy Story for the Bronx. Who plans on seeing “Toy Story 4”? Here’s a spoiler: Woody and Buzz end up in the middle of a gang fight.

Ross then had the epiphany that he needed to broaden his business operations. Ross made the decision to start posting on multiple networks. He hoped the incident on Vine would be an isolated one. Ross claims that one can never tell what will happen on social media. Since it is possible that his account could be deleted or that the app could be shut down, he is spreading his content over multiple platforms.

They also take complex photographs together. They spare no expense on wigs, masks, and other accessories. They clearly share a passion for donning outlandish garb and snapping humorous photos together. Ross will occasionally spend thousands of dollars on props and costumes to obtain the perfect shot.

It appears that Ross and his grandma (whom he refers to as “Granny Smith”) enjoy spending time together very much. They also produce numerous entertaining films in which his grandmother may be seen teaching him a thing or two. His first attempt at filming something was a 6-second vine in which his grandmother slams the door in his face to prevent a basket.

His grandmother’s feisty on-screen persona is quite popular with the audience. Their star power has grown to the point where they have collaborated on music videos with famous people like Chuck Norris.

Ross has made money off the films and content he makes with his grandma, but Granny is just doing it for the laughs and the time she gets to spend with her grandson, he adds.

Ross has mentioned more than once that it is extremely difficult for him to get his grandma to take money. He claims that he and his mum deposit money into his grandma’s account without her knowing about it.

He hadn’t always intended to move in with his grandmother and start making videos full time. Since Ross had not yet figured out how to make money off his videos, he made them for the first three or four years simply for fun. While pursuing his MBA at the University of Dayton, Ross even took a break from generating content in the middle.

However, Ross’s current priority is working on material alongside his grandma. Ross has had success with this approach. The whole around, everybody adores his grandma.

Granny Smith, who is 95 years old, and her companion are always up to mischief. The two dress up for their fans’ amusement for every big holiday and festival.

It’s touching to see how much affection Ross has for his grandmother. We wish for them to be united and to keep creating work that brings joy to people everywhere.

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