You are currently viewing By getting a 5.6 GPA and becoming the school’s first Black graduate, a high school student makes history.

By getting a 5.6 GPA and becoming the school’s first Black graduate, a high school student makes history.

All over the state — Timi Adelakun, who graduated from South Broward High School in Hollywood, Florida, made history by being the school’s first African American valedictorian and by getting the best GPA in school history (5.6) in her last year.

It has a 5.6045 right now. Adelakun told WSVN, “I think after graduation it’ll go a little bit higher, but that’s my number.” He also said, “It’s good to know” that he made school history.

Adelakun said he is thankful to his school for helping him keep his perfect record in school. He took advantage of the school’s American College of Education programs, Advanced Placement (AP) classes, and Broward College courses, which let students earn college points while still in high school.

He said, “I’ve been taking more than 20 college-level classes, and my AP, Ace, and dual enrollment credits have helped me raise my GPA.”

He does well in school, but he also makes time for his love of theater. As a member of the theater club and the Thespian Honors Society, he takes part in shows and tournaments. Even when he was in college, he wanted to do both.

Adelakun got acceptance letters from eight colleges, including the University of Miami, Columbia University, Julliard, UCLA, the University of Southern California, Berkeley, The University of Chicago, and Pomona College. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, he couldn’t visit the schools, so he had to choose his college from home.

“I’m going to attend Pomona College. I got a full grant from the school, so if I go there, all of my costs will be covered. I chose that college because it is a liberal arts school and I can get two degrees there. Adelakun said, “I study both theater and molecular biology.”

Adelakun is excited about what’s in store for him, even though he couldn’t go to his graduation because of the coronavirus spread.

He said that I want to reach new heights and maybe get out of my comfort zone.

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