You are currently viewing Beautiful Henna Designs Drawn on the Hairless Head of a Cancer Patient!

Beautiful Henna Designs Drawn on the Hairless Head of a Cancer Patient!

May cancer never happen to anyone! And a quick recovery to everyone who has cancer!

Cancer is hard to treat, and while people are getting treatment, they are also going through a hard time mentally. Only someone with Cancer knows how hard it is to live with it.

Because of how bad the cancer is, chemotherapy can cause hair loss, which is a bad thing. And it can be hard for them to lose their hair.

So, five women in Canada made a group called “Henna Heels” as a great way to deal with this problem. About 150 women henna artists from all over the world join them.

By putting hair crowns on their heads, they make women who have lost their hair feel more beautiful and secure.

They use a natural paste made from henna to draw on the head. The patuns they wear are special and can be used instead of wigs or hats to cover their heads.

Francis Darwin, who started Henna Heals, said that this was a very healing time for these people. She said that it was about fixing a part of themselves that they usually say is sick or broken.

But these tattoos are temporary and only stay on the head for about two weeks. They are common in South Asia, and since they are made from natural paste made at home, they don’t have any side effects.

These are also marked for special events, and pregnant women can get tattoos on their bellies. These are South Asian tattoos that only last a few days.10% of them give money to pay for their work for cancer patients.

If you also think this is a great idea, don’t forget to tell your friends about it!

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