You are currently viewing Twenty million people are touched by a video of a gorilla mother loving on her baby “like a human would.”

Twenty million people are touched by a video of a gorilla mother loving on her baby “like a human would.”

“No one will ever love you as much as your mom does. No love is as pure, strong, and unwavering as a mother’s. – Edelman, Hope

Even though a day is set aside each year to honor our moms, we sometimes like to do so at other times.

Every year, there are new stories about how much our moms love, give, and care for us.

How could anyone not be full of thanks for the mothers who love them?

And moms are great in every kind of animal.

We don’t talk about real moms when discussing a mother’s love.

We could find mothers who are just as wonderful and caring in the animal world.

This movie is a great example.

It shows a mother ape caring for her baby, just like we do with our own.

And they are just like us in a lot of ways. This is supported by science.

“The big picture is that maybe 98 percent of our genes are the same as gorillas. Chris Tyler-Smith, a well-known geneticist at Wellcome Trust, said, “That means that most of our genes are very similar to or even the same as the gorilla version of the same gene.”

Still, we are alike in more ways than just how we look.

Regarding their children, gorilla mothers are also known to act like people.

Gorilla moms are very close to their young.
In their first few years, they take care of their children by giving them a place to live, food, safety, and love.

We often see Gorilla mothers carrying their babies on their backs or against their chests. They do this everywhere they go, as shown in documentaries or pictures.

This moving movie was watched 20 million times.

It was uploaded by Reproduction Live TV in Washington, DC, at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

Calaya, a western lowland gorilla, is in the film.

It’s a picture of her giving birth.

In the short video, Calaya gave birth to her first child, a boy, without help.

We all know how hard it is for women who have already given birth, right?

It’s hard to imagine the pain of giving birth and how tired you would feel later.

Look at Calaya. She was all by herself when she had her babies. You could tell how tired she was by the care with which she took her baby and cleaned it herself.

“Mom mode” was turned on right away.

No time was left for rest. Calaya held her baby carefully and put him close to her breast.

Then she put her arms around him and looked at him with love.

She rubbed her baby’s head.
You can feel how much this mother cares. She held him and kissed him in such a pure and beautiful way.

No matter how much your body hurts or how hard it is to give birth, you will forget everything once you see your baby.

Seeing how Calaya cares for her baby is much like how we care for our kids.

Watch how she’s holding him.
Watch how she kisses him and feeds him from her breast. The beautiful video showed how much love a mother can give.

We have to say, this Gorilla mom is pretty cool.

It’s scary to give birth in a hospital with all kinds of medical tools and lots of people around. It’s even scarier to do it all on your own.

But Calaya did just that. She will always be a mom, and nothing can stop her from caring for her little ones.

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