You are currently viewing As the bride’s stepfather approaches, the groom interrupts the ceremony to let him escort his daughter down the aisle.

As the bride’s stepfather approaches, the groom interrupts the ceremony to let him escort his daughter down the aisle.

Have you ever experienced a “Kodak moment”? Remembering that period will always be a special experience. For some, capturing a specific moment on film is more important than everything else.

It’s a safe bet that Todd Cendrosky has experienced a moment like that. Brittany’s dad wed her mom after her previous marriage ended in divorce. It was Todd Bachman, another Todd. The men may not speak highly of each other after an incident like that.

To be honest, Todd and Todd did not get along at all. And it, of course, can lead to family issues. just like Brittany. The young man, age 21, was busy organizing an outside ceremony. The wedding setup went off without a hitch. Who would accompany her on the traditional walk down the aisle was the concern. Shouldn’t it be Todd, the man who raised her from birth? What about her long-time caretaker and stepfather, Todd? So you can see that she was concerned about each individual. She felt helpless and confided in her “real dad” about the situation. In the end, though, Brittany requested that her biological father serve in that capacity.

So, the wedding day itself went off without a hitch. The sun was shining and the temperature was comfortable. When they reached the end of the aisle, Brittany’s biological father began escorting her to her soon-to-be husband, Jeremy. Suddenly, Brittany’s stepfather, Todd Cendrosky, was pulled up to walk beside him and his daughter when Todd Bachman stopped and reached over a chair to grab him by the arm.

There were tears in everyone’s eyes when the grooms took their daughters in their arms. These two men were at peace with one another despite their constant negative comments about one another. Brittany’s father wanted to give his daughter the finest day possible, so he swallowed his pride and did what he knew was right.

“I’ve always wanted to walk a daughter down the aisle,” Brittany’s stepfather stated. I wouldn’t alter a thing about the day Todd asked me to be his wife. We’re a family now; we have to put the kids’ needs first.

After the newlyweds had said their goodbyes to their loved ones, two others were seen strolling hand in hand and remarking on how lovely the day had been.

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