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15+ People Who Were Casted in a Unique Mold

Body positivity programs teach us to love and accept our bodies and to break away from harmful social norms. And it makes sense to find beauty in the way our bodies work. People on this list were born with unusual parts of their bodies, but instead of seeing them as “imperfections,” they showed the world what makes them truly special.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 17 people who were proud of and open about the unique parts of their bodies.

1. “I was born with a belly spiral instead of a belly button. A birth flaw that only happens once in a million!”

“I’m standing next to the biggest person I’ve ever met. If you were asking, I’m 5’11”.”

3. “I have a condition called sectoral heterochromia. I’m glad I was born with something so unique!”

4. “I’ve had these marks on my left hand ever since I was born.”

5. “I was born with different-colored eyelashes but the same color eyes.”

“My sister was born with ears like an elf.”

7. “Both of my hands have Brachydactyly type D, or “toe fingers.”

8. “My very own freckled eye”

9. “I have a 6th toenail on my left foot, which is also known as an accessory nail.”

10. “It took me until I was 28 to realize that I look a lot better without putting on a second layer of makeup to cover up my spots.”

11. “I have two different colors in each of my eyes, but only in parts of them.”

12. “My daughter was born with a few highlights.”

13. “Happy national day for eyes of different colors… to me!”

14. “I have one single white eyelash on my left eye.”

15. “I have Raynaud’s Syndrome, so sometimes when it’s cold outside, my fingers do this.”

16. “One of my friends has central heterochromia. Around the middle, her eyes change color.”

17. “I have these weird birthmarks in my ears that look like piercings.”

“It wasn’t there at birth. This rare disease is called a preauricular sinus. The holes look like “nodules, dents, or dimples,” and they can be seen around the outside of the ear, where the face meets the ear cartilage. — Reddit user Bess_Marvin_Curls

Do you or someone you know have something that makes you stand out? If so, let us know! We’d love to hear your stories in the comments.

Preview photo credit Automatic_Green_4479 / Reddit, Bess_Marvin_Curls / Reddit

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