You are currently viewing 15+ employees demonstrated the realities of their work.

15+ employees demonstrated the realities of their work.

It’s undeniable that every occupation plays a vital role in society. It’s common to encounter persons who have developed a particular expertise. They might work as nurses, chemists, cashiers or housekeepers. There are always aspects of one’s employment that the general public has no understanding about.

Bright Side has discovered Internet users from many walks of life who have shared the less glamorous aspects of their careers with the world. A tweet detailing the challenges faced by retail employees is included as a bonus.

My sister is a photographer, and she was asked to take a portrait of this guy.

After ten hours on the job, this doctor finally took off his surgical gloves.


“A bunch of kids came in here intending to destroy the theatre. When it needed cleaning, I was one of the ones who did it.

“Due to the many layers I wear on the job in the Arctic and Antarctic, I find it more practical to wear my watch on a lanyard rather than on my wrist.”

This timepiece has gone to both the South and North Poles a total of twelve times, respectively.

When it’s 30 degrees and raining, be kind to your trash man. We are not immune to harm. This is the condition of my hand after four hours of labour in the rain.

These days, I check on rooms that have been marked as filthy at the hotel where I work. What I discovered is this.

From my first year working for the airlines, I still have my hotel key cards.

Truck driving is tough, but the payoff is worth it for the scenery.

My mother is an Amazon employee and she recently gave me a picture of a truck she loaded.

This is the broom we use at the fast food joint where I work. My manager claims it would be too costly to replace, however he drives a Lincoln.

“I work in the film industry and I’m usually too shy to ask for a picture with an actor, but I had to get one with this little guy.”

Every single staple I pulled out of my monotonous office job over the course of a year.

Every day, I go to work in a freezer where the temperature is twenty-five below zero.

“I’m employed at a feline refuge. I asked my partner, “Can we keep him?” with these pictures. It served its purpose.

As part of my job, I have to mark crates. They are in my left hand, and I set the box down with my right. See, these are my ‘clean’ hands.

I was moved to a different office. It’s time for a new “break room” for me.

As a programmer, you have the freedom to choose your location.

On the weekends, I perform my duties as a professional princess. My cat is quite particular about the level of detail in each costume.

A visitor left this when they checked out, where I work.

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