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This kid made sure everyone on the school bus was okay when the bus driver passed out.

On a bright and beautiful day in Michigan, you might assume that nothing untoward could happen to the children riding home on a school bus. When we can’t be sure that danger isn’t around every turn. Thankfully, a small child was able to put aside his fear and stop what could have been a terrible disaster.

Wednesday afternoon was like any other. After school, students were taken home on the yellow bus. While driving, the motorist experienced a momentary bout of dizziness. A woman in her forties followed procedure and called for assistance when she became ill.

She planned to stop at a predetermined location so that the transportation department could send help. She passed asleep in the middle of the ride and didn’t make it to her intended parking spot.

The bus began to swerve dangerously towards oncoming traffic, and the driver was helpless to stop it. Only one student, quick-thinking seventh-grader Dillon Reeves, sat roughly five rows back, didn’t freak out. He “leaped from his seat, ran to the front of the bus, seized the wheel, and brought the bus to a stop in the middle of the road.”

Dillon is seen in the published footage taking charge of the vehicle after the driver loses consciousness. He eased on the brakes before calling to the kids in back, “Someone call 911. Now. Someone needs to dial 9-1-1… To hell with it! Quick, someone dial 911!

Approximately 66 people were on board. Despite the understandable terror of his fellow students, the youngster was able to bring the bus to a gentle halt. Minutes afterwards, police and firefighters had arrived. The motorist was assisted by them. The pupils boarded another bus and headed home.

There were no reported injuries among the kids. The driver was in no immediate danger and was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. After all, neither the bus nor any other nearby vehicles or people were harmed in the collision. Dillon handled the situation like a seasoned pro.

Dillon’s parents are really pleased with their kid. They hailed him as “our little hero,” a term of endearment. To begin, please know how incredibly proud we are. Steve Reeves, his father, stated, “I mean, this is overwhelming for all of us.” And everyone in Michigan felt the same way about this brave young man.

“Dillon, he has been such a wonderful person this year. His mum, Ireta Reeves, thinks he’s “come a long way.” His accomplishments in class and his popularity among his peers have pleasantly surprised us. And to do something that fills my heart so much that my heart skips a beat—that is truly amazing.

It turns out that capes and uniforms aren’t required for every hero. Many, however, will not let a potentially dangerous situation go any further and will do whatever they can to save those around them.

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