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These two say they are twins and have the best answer for anyone who doesn’t believe them.

Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland are both six years old. They are very close, but if you ask them, they won’t say they’re best friends because they really think they’re twins.

Jia’s mom, Ashley Sarnicola, told BuzzFeed News that the girls met at their school in Miami when they were three years old. She said they hit it off right away and have been best friends ever since.

When the media first met these special people, they were four years old and best friends, but as they’ve grown up, their friendship has grown stronger, and now they say they’re twins.

Ashley said, “They will tell you that they are twins and give you a long list of reasons why.”

The girls say that their dates are close to each other. They also talk about how they look alike. Jia says they are the same height and insist on wearing matched clothes.

The girls’ birthdays are on June 3 and 5; they have had parties together over the years.

Both of these cute people have traits in common.

Ashley said, “[They have] the same lively energy, intelligence, and desire to care for others. Both are also very clear about what they want.”

“We’ve always told the girls that being different is cool and that making new friends every day is important,” she said. “The 15 kids in their class at school speak six different languages.”

She said Jia told her “she wishes she had chocolate-colored skin like Zuri because she likes chocolate better than vanilla.”

The girls’ moms, who have also become good friends, worried that society will take over and tell them how they should feel about each other.

When the girls were at a birthday party, an older kid told them they couldn’t be twins because their skin colours are different.

The cruel comment made Jia cry, but she was able to come up with this killer line in spite of her tears.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she told him. We are twins because our souls are the same.”

Victoria Williams, Zuri’s 23-year-old sister, was so moved by her answer that she shared it on Twitter and got everyone on board. It was a great way to remember what’s important in life.

Valencia, Zuri’s mum, hopes nothing will ever come between them.

“We have a lot to learn, and we can learn from children,” Valencia told CBS News.

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