You are currently viewing The homeless man who Lady Gaga took a picture with said, “But I smell.” She said, “Don’t worry, I smell too.”

The homeless man who Lady Gaga took a picture with said, “But I smell.” She said, “Don’t worry, I smell too.”

People began to gather as Lady Gaga walked out of her hotel. They were all excited to see her. Along with a lot of other people, Lady Gaga saw a homeless man and chose to go see him.

The man replied by giving Lady Gaga one of the flowers she was holding. She then gave him one of her rings.

When they were about to take a photo together, the homeless man said to her, “But I smell.”
Lady Gaga sweetly replied,
“Don’t worry, I smell too.”

Lady Gaga’s acceptance and kindness toward the poor man were so sweet and touched my heart. She also gave him the money she was carrying.

Lady Gaga has always strongly supported people with mental illness and the LGBTQ community. Lady Gaga and her mother started an organization called Born This Way, and they just put out a book called Channel Kindness.

Our goal is to get people to talk about real things and be kind. Being kind is an important part of our work. The thing that drives everything we do. It’s how we look at every problem. It shapes how we arrange everything around every possible answer.

Kindness seems like the best way to solve almost any problem. Gaga said, “At least it could be made better.”
Lady Gaga and her mom. Born This Way took the picture.

Young people who found their inner strength stood up to bullies, started their own social organizations, and chose to break through the stigma of mental health are supported by the foundation’s book. The people who told their stories talked about how they felt, made safe places for LGBTQ+ youth, and showed kindness by helping others without expecting anything in return.

It’s beautiful to see a famous person be kind and accepting of homeless people and treat them like the important people they are.

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