You are currently viewing Sam Elliott says that winning his first SAG Award was “the most important recognition of my 55-year career.”

Sam Elliott says that winning his first SAG Award was “the most important recognition of my 55-year career.”

Sam Elliott got his first Screen Actors Guild Award for best male actor in a television movie or limited series on Sunday.

Evan Peters, who was nominated for his part as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix drama Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, was the front-runner. But the veteran actor beat him.

“What can I say in 45 seconds after a group of my peers just gave me the most meaningful praise of my 55-year career?” Elliott said as he walked up to the stage to pick up his award. “Many of them I don’t even know, or I only know them as fans of their work. Not enough time to say more.”

In 1883, which is the movie that comes before Yellowstone, the 78-year-old plays Shea Brennan. His win is the first SAG Award he’s ever gotten in a job that’s been going on for decades.


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“After seeing the work of my fellow nominees, I’m not sure I should be standing up here, but I’m sure I’ll get over that,” he said in his speech.

Elliott took out a piece of paper to read from when he got on stage because he “didn’t expect to be up here.”

“I’m doing this because I never thought I’d be up here. I’ve already lost half of the 43 seconds I have to say this.”

Elliott has only won a few awards, even though his fans think he is one of the best in the game. Because his peers voted for him, the award he won on Sunday night was the “most meaningful acknowledgement of my 55-year career” and his first big win.

“”I’m going to treasure this guy, this girl, because it comes from all of you, my brothers and sisters from SAG-AFTRA. It will always remind me of 1883 and how wonderful it was for everyone on both sides of the camera.”

Elliott thanked his fellow actors and actresses for recognising his work. He also thanked the cast and crew of 1883, his team, and “my wife, my beautiful Katharine, my partner through thick and thin, and the mother of our beautiful daughter.”

Best wishes, Sam Elliott! This award is a good one.

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