You are currently viewing “I Don’t Ever Want to Be Away From Her.” Bruce Willis Had to Wait 57 Years for the Greatest Love of His Life

“I Don’t Ever Want to Be Away From Her.” Bruce Willis Had to Wait 57 Years for the Greatest Love of His Life

Bruce Willis, a leading guy in Hollywood, has long been an idol of romantics everywhere. After two failed marriages, he finally met the one and is now living out his own version of a fairytale. How then did the star of Die Hard create an unbreakable blended family? It just took the right woman.

Here at Bright Side, we can’t resist a happy ending, and today’s story is sure to make you smile.

Willis and his first wife had built a wonderful family, but they felt incomplete.


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Demi Moore was Bruce Willis’s bride in 1987. These two Hollywood heavyweights appeared to be the picture-perfect pair. They raised three beautiful girls together. What else could one possibly want? However, beneath those Hollywood grins was a family life that was falling apart. In 2000, they finalised their separation.

Nevertheless, they had a successful marriage. By going their separate ways, they made the responsible choice that has allowed them to grow closer as friends. Bruce and Demi are still very much together for the sake of their daughters, as seen by the frequent appearance of Bruce in their daughters’ social media posts.

Emma was a saviour in Bruce’s life.

After his divorce, Willis became engaged briefly in 2004, but the relationship didn’t feel right. He didn’t know what he was missing until he met Emma Heming. He said, “I spent the last 10 years single and, for the most part, unhappy.” He said that being single was difficult for him. Here, in the shadows. Being with another person has never seemed like the solution to me. “I’m alone, but I’m not lonely,” I’d tell myself. I was only joking with myself, though.

Bruce said, “I moved from “f— love” to “love is absolutely the answer…,” after meeting Emma. Then I started spending time with Emma, and things got better for me every day. Willis wed Heming in 2009, and the two started their lives together.

Willis has more love in his life than he could possibly want.

Emma and Bruce’s two children, Mabel and Evelyn were born not long after the wedding. The actor was suddenly encircled by his five stunning kids, who made a lovely addition to his blended family. The girls get along splendidly and delight in taking picturesque family portraits.

Willis knows he is fortunate to have so many wonderful women in his life and never wastes a moment forgetting it. He once said, “Women are gods to me, and whenever I’m with them, I feel completely secure.”

Since Bruce can’t get enough of Emma, he’s wed her twice.

In 2019, the happy couple will celebrate their 10-year anniversary by saying “I do” all over again. Their love has only grown stronger over the years, and they finally decided to make it official in front of all of their loved ones—including Demi Moore. Heming explained, “She welcomed me into her family like I welcomed her into ours.”

With their children Mabel and Evelyn there, the couple “celebrated a birth, love, and life in our happy place,” as Emma so sweetly put it in an Instagram post commemorating the vow renewal.

In the end, Bruce realised that Emma was well worth the effort.

It’s never too late to discover “the one,” as Bruce Willis, at age 57, demonstrates. The man gushes over his lovely wife and never wants to be apart from her: “I don’t want to be apart from Emma at all. It’s the one and only relationship I’ve ever had.

Emma, too, is confident that Bruce is her soulmate and counts herself lucky to have him in her life: “…We still have a date night once a week! We make an effort to see each other frequently. My hubby is very encouraging, and we make a great couple. Looking at this beautiful couple makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Do you think one can discover true love in their latter years? Please share more of your moving love tales with us.

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