You are currently viewing Hilary Swank, who is 48, just had twins, and we’re so happy for her.

Hilary Swank, who is 48, just had twins, and we’re so happy for her.

When Hilary Swank and her husband, Philip Schneider, said they were having twins, the news spread quickly. One of Swank’s co-stars set them up on a blind date, and they have been happily married for several years. In 2022, she told her fans that she was pregnant. They were thrilled to hear that the actress from Million Dollar Baby would soon be a mother. Swank’s fans were very excited about the birth of her twins, and she couldn’t wait to tell them.

Both Swank and Scheider come from a family with twins.

Even now, no one knows why exactly one out of every 250 pregnancies results in identical twins. Even though it’s not a trait, some things can make it more likely to have twins who are not the same. Nigerians, for example, are more likely to have twins than Japanese people.

Also, women over 35 who are pregnant have a higher chance of having twins who are not the same because they are more likely to release more than one egg when they ovulate. Hilary Swank had a higher-than-average chance of having twins because both her grandma and the grandmother of her husband were twins.

Hilary never felt rushed to have a baby.

The actor has wanted children since she was a little girl, and she said so almost 20 years ago. She said, “I love children, and it’s important for me to be a mother someday when the time is right.” This long-awaited time has finally come in 2023.

She had a painful loss before she got pregnant.

Swank was her father’s only nurse during his fight with lung transplant rejection. She went with him to his doctor’s appointments and helped him with his everyday tasks. What started out as a one-year pledge turned into a two-year journey, and it took five years for her father to get better.

Swank’s father died in October 2021, leaving a big hole in her life. A year later, she went on Drew Barrymore’s show and broke down in tears when she told the audience that her twins were due on April 16, the date of the day she lost her father.

Swank’s life was changed in a big way by the years she spent taking care of her father. She talked about how close she got to him during that time, how their relationship grew stronger, and how she loved every moment they spent together. Even though he is no longer with her, her father will always have a special place in her heart, and she misses him very much every day.

The couple’s babies came a week before they were supposed to.

Babies have their own routines and know exactly when it’s time to make their grand entrance. Hilary recently posted a sweet picture of herself holding each of her fraternal babies on each shoulder. “It wasn’t an easy journey, but the joy of holding my boy and girl makes it all worth it,” she wrote in the photo’s caption. “Posting from heaven itself.”

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