You are currently viewing Donnie Wahlberg stepped up to be “Dad” to his autistic step-son, whose father left him after he was diagnosed.

Donnie Wahlberg stepped up to be “Dad” to his autistic step-son, whose father left him after he was diagnosed.

Love and life gave Donnie Wahlberg a second chance. And from what I hear, he seems to be doing a great job! His wife and children love him very much.

His life has been full of ups and downs that have led him to where he is right now.

Donnie Wahlberg is connected to one of Hollywood’s best actors, Mark Wahlberg, so his last name might sound familiar. But his brother isn’t the only actor in the family. Donnie has made a good living as an actor and singer in the business.


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Donnie has had some sad things happen in his personal life. He married Kim Fey after they had known each other for five years. The marriage didn’t work out, though. In 2008, both of them asked for a divorce, saying that they couldn’t work out their differences.

They have two kids together. Their names are Xavier and Elijah. Donnie Wahlberg still has visitation rights, but their mother has main custody of them. All signs point to the fact that the couple gets along well and has figured out how to raise their children together.

Donnie had been single for a long time before he met Jenny McCarthy, an actress and TV star. The couple has been married for more than 8 years, but it took them a long time and a lot of heartbreak to find each other.

Jenny was married to the director John Asher before she married Donnie. She met the director on the set of the movie “Diamonds” in 1999. That same year, they got married. Soon after they got married, they had a son named Evan.

They were married for six years before Jenny McCarthy asked for a divorce in 2005, saying that they couldn’t get along. Jenny writes about how her marriage fell apart in her book “Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism.”

In the same year, 2005, her son was given an autism diagnosis. Even though she was shocked by the news, it did not upset her or make her feel any differently about her son.

She didn’t let the fact that he had autism upset her in any way. Instead, she kept working and put all of her attention on her son by taking him to experts and programmes at UCLA.

She says that her relationship with her husband has changed because of the condition of her son. In an interview, he said, “John was getting mad at me because he felt like he was being overlooked. Evan being able to say, “I love you, mommy,” was the only thing I wanted to dream about. Even if I never had sex again, I didn’t care.”


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The two of them agreed that Asher should leave the family home. While she lived there with her son and paid for his care and hospital bills on her own, the actress worked as a model.

But soon after that, she met the legendary comedian Jim Carrey and fell quickly in love with him. Carrey cared a lot about her son and loved Jenny a lot. On Valentine’s Day, the actor hired a helicopter to show his girlfriend a sign of love.

Fans liked them together and wanted them to do well. So, when the couple said they were breaking up in 2010, fans were sad. McCarthy said in public that the relationship was no longer fun, so it was only normal that it ended.

Donnie Wahlberg and Jennie McCarthy had a lot in common before they met. They both got married for the first time in 1999 and had kids with their first spouses.

Donnie met Jenny for the first time in 2012, and he was head over heels in love with her right away. But it wasn’t until a year later, when he saw the actress on the “Jenny McCarthy Show,” that he chose to ask her out.

After dating for a few years, the star asked his girlfriend to marry him. He also asked Jenny to marry him in front of Evan, Jenny’s autistic son. This showed how close he and Jenny are.

In an interview, she said, “This weekend, I was sitting with Donnie, and he went into the other room. When he came back out, Evan was holding a card that said “Will,” and he gave it to me.”

She continued, “Then Evan ran away, and Evan came in with a card that said “You.”… I just started crying, and then Evan came back into the room with the word “Marry,” but it was spelt wrong.”

She knew by then that he was asking her to marry him, so she yelled “YES” out loud. Evan then said, “I have another dad,” and the three of them had a sweet moment together.


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The wedding took place in Chicago, Illinois, at the St. Charles, Ill. Evan was there for the whole wedding party. He even helped his mother walk down the aisle. As soon as they got married, Donnie became Evan’s step-dad.

The two people love and care for each other very much. Donnie once said this about his wife: “She’s not only the best wife I could have ever dreamed of, but also the best stepmom and mother. She’s a great partner, and if I had to boil it down, I’d say the thing I’m most thankful for is having Jenny build routines with my kids.

Every year, the pair says their vows again. They say that this helps keep the spark alive in their relationship.

Evan and Donnie have a lovely friendship. In 2019, Donnie gave his wife the best present ever for Christmas. She said, “Donnie gave me one of the best gifts ever the first Christmas we were together. He paid for Evan’s college tuition.”

The people in the mixed family are very close and love each other a lot. Since he already had two sons, the “Band of Brothers” star found it easy to connect with Evan. Jenny also gets along well with Donnie’s kids from his first marriage.

Even though they’ve been married for a while, they don’t have any real children together. In 2017, they said they made this choice so they could relax and enjoy their golden years.

Evan’s father is back in his life now that Evan is older. Asher says he didn’t do a good job of being a father when his son was told he had cancer.

He is now very close to his son and they get along great. He even made a movie called “A Boy Named Po,” which is about his son and which he wants everyone to see.

He once said, “I didn’t make the movie to get rich. I made the movie mostly to teach people something. So, really, all I want is for people to see it, no matter how they do. All I want is for them to see it.”

Asher is still not married, but he is very close to his son. It’s a nice way for them to be together.

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