You are currently viewing Beggar gives all of his money to a girl who is lost in the tube and receives a box with his keys back in return.

Beggar gives all of his money to a girl who is lost in the tube and receives a box with his keys back in return.

A nice beggar finds a young girl lost at the tube station and puts her needs ahead of his own, spending all of his money to feed her. The girl approaches him the following day and places a special gift—a set of keys—into his beggar hat.

Man, you ought to try singing in a local pub! It has been a while since I’ve seen someone this excellent.

“Even better, I have a pal who works in the music industry. The next time I see you, I’ll put you in touch with him.

Oh, I’m so grateful. The folks in the tube cheered Steve’s performance as he said, “Thank you, everyone!” They were unaware that he had previously desired to become a musician, but that circumstances had become so dire that he was now a homeless guy making a living by singing and playing the accordion.

However, everyone’s life does turn around one day, as the proverb says. Steve’s opportunity arrived as well, albeit late.

Steve decided to get off at the next station and buy a supper with the money he had earned one day after his performance and quickly packed everything he owned. That particular day, luck had been a little too good to him, and he had made more money than normal.

Steve gathered his belongings and made his way to the lift stairs as the train pulled into the station, looking forward to a good day. He wasn’t aware that destiny had different plans for him.

He opened the package to discover a set of keys inside. He was perplexed and questioned, “What is this?”

Steve dropped something and spun back to pick it up as he hurriedly rushed for the stairs. He suddenly saw a young child, no more than six years old, getting out of the train, looking about in disbelief, and crying. There were no older people surrounding her, and she had a bag on her shoulders and two bunches.

She is very young and alone herself. Is she missing? Steve pondered as he finally approached her after gazing at her.

“Good day, little miss. Can I assist you in any way? He questioned her in a whisper.

While still crying, she nodded. I recently lost my father. Nowhere can I find him.

Oh, you did? Steve looked around aimlessly and moaned. Who is he called? And how does he appear? I can direct you to him.

She replied, “Mommy calls daddy Andrew, but I call him daddy, and he is very handsome,” and Steve cautiously nodded.

Right, right. Therefore, we will locate Daddy Andrew very quickly! But first, please stop crying because no father wants to see his beautiful daughter cry, alright?

“How will we locate Daddy, though? I can’t find my father anywhere. She spoke anxiously while continuing to sob.

Steve didn’t want to leave the girl at the station alone because it was chilly outside. He made the choice to treat her to something hot and delicious at a nearby café in the hopes that it would help her feel more at ease and enable her to tell him more about how she ended up being separated from her father. He would then get in touch with the authorities and inform them of the circumstance.

By the way, my name is Steve,” he informed her. Who are you called? Before we look for Daddy, would you have a wonderful hot chocolate?”

“But my father forbade me from stealing from strangers! What happens if you’re a bad guy?

Steve guffawed. But don’t evil people harm children? I want to avoid hurting you! I wish to assist you in finding your father.

The young child gave him a long look before nodding. “Okay. But we’ll be back shortly. I adore hot cocoa, but I also desire to locate my father.

“Yes, yes, miss. As you say,” grinned Steve.

Steve knew he would have to eat for dinner that night so he spent all the money he had made that day at the cafe. But for some reason, he felt good about himself as he watched the girl eat.

Steve kept probing Mia about her father as she ate her hot chocolate and hamburger. She was able to properly explain what had occurred because, thankfully, her tears had ceased.

It turned out that Mia’s father had chosen to drop her off at school by tube, but they became separated as a result of the dense crowd at the station. When she didn’t see her dad around, she didn’t know what to do and broke down in tears.

Steve was still concerned about how he would track down Mia’s father despite now knowing what had transpired. After leaving the cafe, he went back to the tube station and made the decision to report the incident to the authorities even though he had considered calling the police since he believed Mia’s father would be looking for her there. Before he could, however, he abruptly overheard a message over the intercom saying that Mia’s father was seeking for her.

“Mia! We located your father. Let’s go!” In his arms, he quickly ran to the announcement booth.

Mia suddenly began shouting and gesturing with her hands. “Daddy! I am here.

“Retain him! There he is! He’s trying to take my daughter!” As Andrew approached Steve with the security and pulled Mia from his arms, Steve sobbed. “You’re really rude to touch her. Stay away from my girl!”

But, sir.

“Daddy!” Mia spoke up. Steve discovered you! Do not resent him. He went and grabbed me a hot cocoa and a burger. Like you, Daddy, Steve is a good guy.

The question “He didn’t hurt you?” Mia shook her head in confusion and questioned Andrew.

“Daddy, he’s not a bad man.”

Steve defended himself by saying, “I may be homeless, but I am not a nasty guy at heart, sir.

At that point, Andrew regretted having doubted Steve and understood that he shouldn’t have levelled such a serious charge against him. He wanted to thank Steve for taking care of Mia, but Steve flatly refused any payment.

Steve replied, “Sir, it’s all right. “I’m just happy I could be of assistance. I may not have much money, but I also have a heart. You don’t have to pay me back.

That day, Mia waved Steve off as they left the station, and Andrew thanked him once again.


The following day, Steve was back singing his songs while riding the tube in his customary spot. He observed a small hand slip a small box into his begging hat as he was finishing off his act.

Steve smiled and raised his head. “Mia?”

Thankfully, she was with her parents this time rather than by herself.

“Good day, sweetie. Why are you in this place? he questioned her.

“Steve, I came to give you a gift. I want to help you since you helped me. There is a restriction, though: you cannot refuse my assistance.

Oh, is that true? Steve chuckled before opening her box.

He opened the package to discover a set of keys inside. He was perplexed and questioned, “What is this?”

“Steve, this is your new house!” Sobbed Mia.

“No way!” Steve began to cry. Is this actually…

“Steve, you deserve it!” As he appeared behind Mia, Andrew uttered. “You assisted my daughter in a selfless manner. This is merely a token gift. It is a caravan. My business is an expert in them. I hope this is helpful to you.

Mia chirped, “And it takes you to different places.” “Good always brings good back, Steve! That’s something my parents taught me! She said, “You did good, so you got good,” and gave him a hug. Steve smiled despite his tears.

What can we take away from this narrative?

Unexpected rewards are given for doing good things. Steve knew he would go to bed hungry if he used his money to feed Mia, but he still did it. And as a reward for his selfless deed, Andrew gave him a roof over his head.

Help assist any children you observe who are on their own. When he noticed Mia alone at the tube station, Steve, a friendly man, stepped forward to help her. He assisted in Mia’s safe reunion with her father.

Tell your friends about this experience. It might motivate them and make their day better.

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