You are currently viewing Before this man did something nice, a child without a dad couldn’t catch any fish.

Before this man did something nice, a child without a dad couldn’t catch any fish.

Kids need to see good men in their lives.

Cordell is a young man who doesn’t have a father. Because of this, his grandmother chose to take him fishing one day because she knows how important it is for him to have someone to do fun things with outside. Before a nice stranger gave young Cordell a warm, almost fatherly hand, he couldn’t catch a single fish.

Cordell’s grandma and mother, Terin M. Spence, were moved by the man’s kindness to Cordell that they wrote the following online:

That’s what they do: take pictures. That’s what my mom did with my boy today. He wasn’t catching anything until this nice stranger stepped in to help my child. It was a big deal for us because Cordell doesn’t have a guy in his life who does these things with him. My baby caught three fish! My mom said that the look of joy on his face was precious!”

“So, thank you so much for that!” William is his name. Tag him if you know him… He might learn what a difference he made today for this little boy… This makes me believe in people again… Good people are still out there.

Cordell had a great day fishing thanks to William’s kindness. He also got some love and kindness from an older man who could serve as an example.

A father guides his child with love and helps them figure out how to live this wonderful life. Still, kids who don’t have a father can feel like something is missing when they grow up. Studies have found that when dads are involved, their kids are more likely to be friendly, confident, and self-controlled. When kids’ dads are involved, they are less likely to act out at school or do bad things as teens. Engaging with a father also lowers the number of mental health problems and depressive episodes in young women.

“Give a person a fish, and they’ll eat for a day.” “If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for life.”

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