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A police cop saves a great Owl caught on a busy highway.

The wildlife rehabilitator was called to the scene as fast-moving traffic passed, and he was able to save the Owl from the plastic bag.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Many worried people on I-84 in Nampa called the Idaho State Police (ISP) to say they saw a Great Horned Owl stuck in plastic.

Sgt. Brandalyn Crapo was sent there, and the animal rescuing group Animals in Distress was also asked for help.

The Owl was said to have been there for a while, and that part of the highway had a lot of traffic.

When Sgt.. Crapo got there, saw the Owl in the middle of the road and used her police car to stop traffic.

Owls are such beautiful birds.

Once the Owl was out of her way, Har.m waited for a worker with the wildlife rescue group to show up.

They quickly checked before they let her go to ensure she wasn’t hurt.

The worker then took the Owl off the busy road and set her free.

Thank you very much to the cops who helped the cute Owl when it was in trouble. It’s wonderful.

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