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A couple says a stray black cat helped them win $1.2 million (video).

People play the lottery every day in the hopes that they will win a big sum of money. Some people want to win a large sum of money that could make their lives better, while others are happy if they break even on a scratch-off ticket they bought. Tony and Deb Pearce of Southend, Essex, England, won the lottery, which made all of their dreams come true and then some.

Because they had had money problems in the past, the couple wanted to know if they could even keep their house. But things seemed to get better after they started feeding a stray cat they named Billy. In fact, the couple’s whole lives changed in 2017. About six months after Billy and Tony first met, Tony and Deb won a big lottery prize. Not only did they win a lot of money, but it also changed how they lived. They won a cool £1 million, which is about $1.2 million.

Billy is a black cat. Many people think that black cats are bad luck, but Tony and Deb are not having a bad time. The couple made sure to give some of their money to their pet as well. Even though they didn’t really give him money, they decided to treat him the same way they would have treated themselves: with luxury. The cat, who is said to be about eight years old, even goes on vacation with the Pearces to their second home in Norfolk.

Deb said, “It’s a common misconception that black cats are unlucky, but nothing could be further from the truth.” You can just read on to learn more about this story, which is very moving.

The BBC says that Tony and Deb think their “lucky” lost cat is why they won so much money in the lottery. In 2017, they won £1 million ($1.2 million) from the National Lottery. Even though some people thought it was just an accident, the couple thanked the black cat for being their lucky charm.

She told Wales Online:

When Billy showed up, we were just about to sell our beloved house and run away. Tony had to quit work because of his health, and we were in a lot of debt. We seemed to have no choice but to move into rented living, but six months after Billy arrived, good luck changed our lives for good.

Deb says that the couple was able to take care of their home and make changes that made it their “perfect slice of heaven.” Then, they bought a house in Norfolk, where they now live. To get Billy there, they use a “huge carrier.”

“To top it all off, we finally said “I do” at our dream wedding,” Deb said.

She told the BBC that Billy has grown up as a family member. The couple’s insurance now pays for his twice-daily insulin shots. He also eats a special diet that is good for people with allergies.

Tony made it clear:

“When I pay for Billy’s special food or doctor care, which costs more than our annual trip to The Savoy, I can’t help but think that Billy could also be lucky. It’s not a bad life for a stray cat from Southend who showed up on the right steps at the right time and showed us that black cats are lucky.

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