You are currently viewing 13-year-old did yard work and sold his Xbox to help pay for a car for his single mother.

13-year-old did yard work and sold his Xbox to help pay for a car for his single mother.

After some hard times and starting over with their lives, Krystal June Preston, her husband, and their three kids moved to Nevada in search of better things. This hasn’t been easy for Krystal, though, since she is a single mom of three and doesn’t have a way to get around.

She was shocked when William Preston, her 13-year-old son, came up with a way to help his mom.

“Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, my son walks in.” “Everyone has hard times in life, but if someone with a heart does something good, great things can happen from anything.”

William did something for his mom that most people have never seen a 13-year-old do.

Krystal said, “I don’t have any words right now that can describe how I feel right now.” “I’m shocked to the core…” The past two weeks have been hell, with tears, anger, confusion, and heartache. I got the biggest shock of my life today… Several of you may know my son William, who mows lawns and cleans yards for a living. But my son had to go do his job today, so I let him go because I thought it was like any other day. Things were different this time. Not the same at all.”

William worked so that he could help his mom buy a car.

“Mom, William told me he bought you a car when he got home.”
I laughed and told him, “Yeah, right!”
“No, mom, I’m serious. I bought you a car,” he said. We need to leave now.
I still don’t understand and am skeptical, so I asked, “Go where?”
“With this woman,” he said.”

While Krystal was following William outside, she saw a woman waiting. She didn’t believe what William was saying.

“To my surprise, I enter my front yard and see a woman standing there. As William said, she was giving us a ride.”
When William gets in the car, I ask, “Okay?” Is this some kind of joke? No one talks… As I still think about it, that was still a joke. When we get to this house, William tells his mom, “That’s your car.”

She broke down in tears when she got to the house and saw the car her son had been talking about.

“I forgot everything.” I began to ball my eyes out… I have no words… “My son, who is 13, bought me a car,” she said.
Krystal June Preston took the picture.

William saw a woman in his area selling a cheap car online. He offered to trade her his Xbox and do as much yard work as she needed in exchange for the car. The woman said no at first, but after giving it some thought, she sent him a message saying she was okay with it. After that, William did yard work for the nice woman.

“He did some work for this woman, and she agreed to pay him that much.” I thought it was a joke at first… Nope, I was given the car’s keys and papers. I’m freaking out and so shocked that I feel like OMG this is really happening right now. We got in the car, and it started right up. Then we were on our way, Krystal said.

It made Krystal very happy and glad that her son had a good heart and wanted to help his mom.

“I’m so proud of my son.” What a nice kid. He may have bad days, but OMG, what 13-year-old do you know who buys his mom a car… William, I love you, son. Thank you. I love you and think you have a great heart.

Many people online praised William’s kind act toward his mom and said they wanted to help too. So, a GoFundMe page was set up, and it has since raised $13,000 to help the family.

“Guy, you have no idea what a great thing you did for your mom out of love, kindness, and hard work! That makes you one of the best! I hope your future is very good! “God bless!” said Robert A.

“I love the story; it made me cry.” Also, the woman who gave you the car for work should be thanked with money. She saw that the young man needed something and helped him get it. “God bless them all,” said Ronna F.

“May God bless this kid. He learned early on how to work hard and be kind. Really proud of him. It was nice of you to share, Joyce R.

“What a great kid! It’s clear how much his mom loves him, and she should be so proud of him!” May O. wrote it.

We love you.

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