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When a mother discovers a video of herself breastfeeding online, her response is hilarious.

Breastfeeding is a normal and common practise for new mothers. Babies need to eat frequently, and it’s not always convenient to do so at home.

A young mother did this, but she had no idea that someone was filming her behind her back. She found the video and had a lot to say about it. Read on to find out more…

A woman from Maryland was going about her day as normal, scrolling through her social media feeds, when she came across a video that caused her to immediately halt what she was doing.

Izabele Lomax paused to look at the video more closely, and what she saw verified her suspicions: it was indeed a video of herself.

The message she saw was a copy of an older one that had been screenshot. Lomax was caught on camera breastfeeding in public, and a viewer afterwards expressed regret that she hadn’t concealed her identity.

Lomax found the screenshot on a breastfeeding support group, where it had been shared by a member of the group. Along with the photo, she commented, “Just pulled up my Facebook and was greeted with this, and I just cannot understand how another female can say this and take VIDEO of this momma feeding her baby and post it on the internet.”

Lomax had a similar experience, although she knew it was really her breastfeeding her child in the video. As she put it, “I was like, ‘That’s me!'” The young mother was unaware that she was being filmed in private while she breastfed her child.

The original poster of the video claimed they had no intention of making public breastfeeding mothers feel embarrassed. In an online post, they said, “I’m shaming the woman who breastfeeds in public with no respect to cover themselves up.”

She claimed she didn’t want to see topless ladies at the beach and that she didn’t want to have to hide the woman from her son or explain what she was doing.

Lomax was seen in the video breastfeeding her child while relaxing on the beach with an umbrella overhead. She had no idea her conversation was being taped covertly.

Lomax, however, did not take the woman who shot the film of her without her permission lying down and chose to retaliate to her. She had spent the day at the beach with her fiance, baby, and parents when things took a turn for the worse due of someone’s disagreement with her choices.

Lomax posted her own video in response. She said, “Not only did this woman walk past me multiple times with her son, but you had every opportunity in the world to say something to me.”

She stated she would not have stopped to change her baby’s nappy on the beach, but that the woman who secretly filmed her should have at least tried to talk to her before filming her.

She continued by saying the mother shouldn’t have made her four-year-old son’s breastfeeding experience feel sexual. Lomax speculated that the woman might have “her own set of issues” because of how she handled herself.

“If you have the time to take a video of me and make this joke of a Facebook post, you have the time to educate your son about the fact that babies are fed this way,” the incensed young mother wrote.

People were so on Lomax’s side that the original poster erased her video. What the woman did to the young mother who was breastfeeding caused widespread shock. “Who does this lady think needs protection?” one person asked. Kids? Simple explanation: “That woman is feeding her baby.” Then the child will ask you questions, which you will then answer before continuing. In other words, parenting.

Someone else responded to the initial poster’s concern by noting that the baby’s head covered any potential skin exposure.

It seemed as though, on the whole, many people felt very strongly about this issue. So, what do you make of the whole thing? Tell us in the feedback section.

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