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Six years and 720,000 photographs were taken in an attempt to capture the perfect image of a kingfisher.

Taking pictures of wild animals is notoriously difficult. It’s a demanding job that requires a lot of stamina and commitment. Alan McFadyen, a seasoned pro in the field of wildlife photography, provides us a glimpse into his time-consuming workflow. McFadyen has been working in this industry since 2009. Because to his efforts, he was able to capture a snapshot of history.

After 4200 hours and 720,000 attempts, he captured the perfect image of a kingfisher diving headfirst into the water. Each shot consisted of over 600 images, all of which he considered subpar. When he thinks about how many tries it took to acquire the one he desired, he is impressed by his perseverance.

The kingfishers that live in colder climates seem considerably different from the ones that live in warmer regions, despite the fact that they both have colourful plumage. Typically, this species of kingfisher will set up housekeeping near water in order to take advantage of its preferred method of food acquisition—diving. Alan credits his granddad with instilling in him a lifelong love of wildlife and a passion for nature photography.

“I remember that my grandfather took me to visit the kingfisher nest, and I remember being awestruck by how magnificent the birds are,” she recalled. I’ll never forget how impressed I was by the birds’ beauty. So, when I started taking an interest in photography, I came back here to snap some shots of the kingfishers. Alan spoke up.

To get a perfect shot, the photographer and the bird needed to be in the ideal positions.

Alan reflected on the amount of time and effort that went into taking this photo, saying, “I never really stopped to think about how long it was taking along the way as I enjoyed doing it, but now I look back, I’m proud of the picture and the work I put in.” Alan’s grandfather is no longer with us, but he would have been overjoyed and filled with pride if he were.

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