You are currently viewing An 8-year-old boy singing an Ed Sheeran song for Ellen has no idea that Ed Sheeran is right behind him

An 8-year-old boy singing an Ed Sheeran song for Ellen has no idea that Ed Sheeran is right behind him

Talk show hosts often care a lot about one of their guests. Ellen DeGeneres, who has a famous talk show, can back this up. Ellen likes it when a certain famous person who is popular right now comes on her show.

Kai, who is eight years old, is a fan favorite on the show because he can sing well and has a lot of star power. Kai sang Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran on The Ellen Show in 2017. This video is from 2017. He didn’t know that the guitarist was sitting behind him and watching him play.

Kai, a singer who is only eight years old, is Ellen’s favorite guest. He sang a version of Katy Perry’s “Roar” on Ellen’s show for the first time on TV.

Kai’s show was hard not to enjoy because of his lively personality and flamboyant singing movements.

You can now watch a video of Kai’s second visit on the show. This time, Kai chose the huge hit song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. Kai had to take a chance on the song. It once won a Grammy for being the best song of the year.

Kai began to sing and gave Ellen a present. The gift was a hand-made frame with a picture of Kai inside. After they talked briefly, Ellen asked the young singer if he was ready to sing for the crowd.

The eight-year-old started singing right away and didn’t think twice about it. Kai closed his eyes and let himself be carried away by the music. The crowd was thrilled and shouted in excitement.

Ed Sheeran walked out on stage and sat down behind Kai as his show ended. Sheeran was there, but Kai didn’t know it. Sheeran was amazed as the little boy finished singing the song and tapped his foot to the beat. Everyone could see how much the singer who had won a Grammy was having fun.

Kai didn’t know Sheeran was there until the song finished. You’ll enjoy seeing what he says.

As a surprise, Ellen had a special gift for Kai. The child and his family were given a free trip to Manchester, England, to watch a soccer game.

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