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All four moms are asked by the granddaughter to be flower girls in her wedding.

It’s a big deal to have your grandparents at your wedding. Many brides and grooms may only be able to bring some of their relatives to their wedding. Tanner and Lyndsey, on the other hand, were lucky to have four members of their extended family not only come to their wedding but also take part in it.

Tanner and Lyndsey planned to get married in 2019, but they wanted to get married in September. They wanted their grandparents to be at this important event, but they didn’t want them to be just another face in the crowd. They had been to many weddings, but their grandparents had never been to one. It would be different at their wedding. Even more so because all four of their grandparents, two on each side, were still alive.

The bride was looking for wedding ideas when she saw that another couple had included the bride’s grandparents in their ceremony. For Lyndsey, it was the best way to get ideas. The bridge then asked each of the four beautiful women if they would like to be flower girls at her wedding party. They looked very surprised. This was usually done by younger family members and relatives, who had to be forced to walk down the aisle sheepishly and carelessly while basically dropping a basket of flowers. It’s a mess, but it’s also a ritual. Do you think you could fill those little shoes, Grandma? They all agreed at the same time.

The final picture shows that both generations were happy and in love, especially on such a special day.

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When the girls started walking down the aisle in powder blue dresses and white clutches with their names on them, the wedding photographer, Natalie Caho, was able to capture a very special moment. Each flower girl had a bag that said “Here comes the bride,” and as she went down the aisle, she had to throw petals. Caho took a great picture of the wedding guests smiling and laughing as each woman threw white flowers at them.

“Our family doesn’t have any young children, and to be honest. The soon-to-be bride said, “I thought my sassy grandparents would make it even cuter, and they did.” And recognise this small parade of matriarchs from her family and the family of her husband. I was glad to spend the day with them because they are very important to me.

The gig is usually for the youngest child in the family. Most weddings have a three-year-old in suspenders and a tuxedo jacket who needs fruit snacks and Goldfish to get to the aisle. The oldest flower girl, Kathleen Brown, didn’t need to be told what to do. She dressed up for the event and walked down the aisle with a flower-covered walker. Even though she was old, she didn’t care. The bride said this about her great-grandmother: “She holds our family together and is never afraid to tell us the truth.” Getting to know and love my great-grandmother was a huge gift.

She posted on social media, “I’ve seen a lot of beautiful flower girls in my time, but these four women take the cake.” Joyce was 72 years old and was the grandmother on the father’s side. Betty was 76 years old and was the grandmother on the mother’s side. And Kathleen, the mother’s side great-grandmother, was 90 years old.

The five women became famous on the internet right away. People watched as they threw their bouquets with joy and walked down the aisle in style. Everyone, including the bride and groom, who were smiling at their families, was very impressed with their performance. It was the right thing to do to bring the women in. There’s no question that everyone who was there will remember this event for a long time.

The Internet in particular. Caho’s pictures went popular right away, and everyone praised her ability to capture the flower girls at their most beautiful and innocent. Each grandmother was caught on camera holding the bride’s hand and looking lovingly at the rest of their family.

“Today, a lot of people I never thought I’d talk to sent me emails. But they heard how sweet it was that FOUR of @lyndseygrantraby’s grandmothers were flower girls at her wedding,” Caho said after the story went viral. She then told brides-to-be that they should take chances with their weddings. She wrote, “Just do it if you’re not sure about doing something different at your wedding.” Even more so when something like this is so important to you and your family.” When Lyndsay and Tanner asked their grandmothers to their big day, it was clear that they had taken this advice to heart.

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