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A penguin alone in a zoo gets over feeling lonely by watching a lot of Pingu (video).

Animals may have started doing some extraordinary things because of how people treat them. You can find videos of dogs singing, cats playing the piano, and mice doing circus acts on social media. The next animal’s human friends are interested in a strange thing. Pierre, a rockhopper penguin living at the Perth Zoo in Australia, will be quarantined in August 2020 because of a health problem. The team devised a unique program to keep the penguin from being lonely.

Pierre, the penguin, is a rockhopper. He is less than a year old and is a very strange bird. Perth Zoo says there are less than 240,300 breeding pairs of rockhoppers in the world.

You might wonder how he got to Australia, since rockhoppers usually live on islands in the Indian or South Atlantic seas. Experts say that Pierre had been swimming for a long time when he was found on a beach in southwest Australia. After his long trip, he was sent to the Perth Zoo to rest.

While Pierre was being held, he stopped molting in the middle of the process. The zookeepers thought Pierre might have been exposed to something in the surroundings or hadn’t gotten enough food to grow new feathers. The long-distance swimmer was also very thin, according to Perth Zoo.

Pierre was the only rockhopper at the zoo, even though other penguins were there. He was so far away from home that he had no good friends. So, there was no one around to keep the little bird busy.

Zookeepers started showing him movies and live streaming to make Pierre feel better about being away from home. The child likes to spend time with someone who understands him or her while watching shows on an iPad. During Pierre’s TV time, people have seen him flap his wings and pay close attention to the screen.

What do penguins like to watch the most? Of course, penguins in general! Pierre likes to watch live feeds of other birds from the Edinburgh and Kansas City zoos. He also likes to watch the cartoon movie Pingu, which is about a family of penguins.

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