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A nice photographer makes friends with all the animals he meets and takes selfies with them.

Not everyone can be friendly with people they don’t know. Even worse, it’s hard to take a picture with them. It must be good and kind.

But Alan Dixon, a photographer born in Ireland, has more skills than just that. He can beat any animal he comes across. He is called “the man who whispers in the ears of animals” for a reason.

Alan likes to work with animals and do it as a hobby. He likes to try new things, and his specialty is taking selfies with tame and wild animals.

In 2015, he started making friends with these animals and taking selfies. Now, over 500,000 animal fans follow him on Instagram.

We can see pictures of quokkas, kangaroos, camels, dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, squirrels, and many other animals having fun and laughing. There is no question that they are cute and lovely pictures.

Alan’s smile and kindness seem to be too much for all the animals to refuse. His heart is full of love, and so is his smile.

Most of them are carefully standing for a picture that will be remembered. We’ve chosen a few of his wonderful photos below, but we invite you to look at them all.

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#1 Here is a selfie with a very large kangaroo

#2 A selfie also with the refrigerated cat: he does not look very happy in this photo

#3 An irresistible little kangaroo. He’s adorable, isn’t he?

#4 Photo with a koala named Ralph, rescued by volunteers

#5 “When the camel is more photogenic than you”: we must admit that he has a dazzling smile

#6 There is no shortage of selfies with pets, for example with a smiling dog

#7 A selfie with the goat: she also posed

#8 A souvenir photo with the most elegant rabbit in the world, here disguised as Sherlock Holmes

#9 A selfie with a quokka: a marsupial the size of a cat


#10 A sweet and smiling hedgehog: he loves to be the center of attention

#11 This little goat also fell in love with Allan and gave him a photo

image – daxon/Instagram

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