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A Man’s Last Adventure With His Doggo Is A Heartwarming Story

Dogs are recognised for their unconditional love and connection with humans throughout their lives. This is why they are popular all around the world. And as time passes, they form stronger bonds with us.

When your dog becomes a family member, the bad things that it goes through affect you as well. This is a heartwarming story of a man’s heartfelt act towards his caring friend. Carlos Fresco was the 10-year-old canine ‘Monty”s’ owner, buddy, and family. Scroll down to read more of this heartbreaking story.Brecon Radnor provided additional information and the photo.

Monty was diagnosed with leukaemia and successfully through chemotherapy. But it returned, causing highly bad situations and wreaking havoc on Monty’s health.

Fresco noticed that his kind friend was in the last few weeks of his life and was in a lot of pain. As a friend and family member who loved him unreservedly, he felt obligated to make Monty’s final days as pleasant as possible.

He decided to take Monty to all of their favourite locations to visit and play. He seated Monty in a wheelbarrow like a good kid and pushed him to all those spots.

It’s a pretty moving scene to witness. Fresco took Monty to places where they had shared memories, and he knew Monty was content. There were several mountain peaks and climbs. Many hikers and strangers joined Fresco on their hikes to maintain company with Monty.

Monty loves his walks, his favourite being a mountain top in Wales’ Brecon Beacons. Fresco added that it was his dedication to Monty, who was a source of joy in his life and the lives of everyone he met.

Monty passed away on June 21st, leaving many people heartbroken. Fresco cherishes the friendship and happiness Monty brought into his life. Monty, may you rest in peace!

Here are some photos from Monty’s last adventures. Please leave your thoughts in the comments area below.



Credits : Brecon Radnor

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