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14 Famous People Who Came Out Later in Life and Are Happy They Did

Things that were once considered taboo and unattainable are now widely accepted and even encouraged by society. Many people, however, struggle to embrace all aspects of their identities. Concern over the reactions of loved ones is a factor for some. Some people choose to avoid public scrutiny. At any age, though, coming to terms with one’s own nature can bring immense peace and even love.

We at CHEERY wanted to know which famous faces were brave enough to let their guard down and enjoy life. And in the supplementary material, you’ll learn which famous person was coerced into participating.

Ramrez, Sara

The Grey’s Anatomy actress came out as bisexual in 2016. The actress admits that she had previously been reluctant to make such statements out of concern for her professional standing. Ramirez anticipated sexism not only in her regular life but also in the entertainment industry.

Sarah kept discovering new facets of her personality. Then, at the age of 44, she announced her gender nonconformity. Being non-binary “isn’t about being married to one hairdo or a way of dressing,” Ramirez explains. The way you conceptualise the gender spectrum is more relevant here. You don’t always feel either masculine or female, and there are occasions when you feel like both sexes.

She continued, “I think there’s a lot of pressure on us to fit into very specific moulds in today’s culture. My own potential for transformation didn’t become apparent until I stopped limiting myself.

A. Windham-Burke, Braunwyn

It was pointed out by Braunwyn that she has always preferred female company. However, it took her 42 years to be ready to discuss it. It’s only now that she’s begun to feel like she’s developing into the woman she was always meant to be. In order for me to live an honest life, I must come out as a lesbian. That is and always has been my true self.

She was only 20 years old when she wed Sean Burke. They now have seven children to raise as a family. Braunwyn has stated that they will not be splitting up since they place a high priority on their family. She still considers Sean to be her closest companion.

Windham-Burke is seeing an extraordinary woman, and the man she is married to is familiar with her. It’s not like they’re all related, she explains, but she and Victoria have a great relationship.

Nassib Carl

Carl has made history as the first openly gay NFL player. He claims that the 15 years he spent emotionally alone were the worst of his life.

Nassib has high hopes that our world would improve to the extent that coming out is unnecessary in the future. And until then, he’ll stop at nothing to promote tolerance and understanding among all communities.

Ms. Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner, a former Olympic athlete, came out as transgender in 2015, at the age of 66, saying that she had always identified as a woman. She explains that transgender people have a hard time and that the transition is often a shock to their families.

The woman, however, believes she can show that happy endings are possible in such situations. Many others who had been reluctant to come out have been given the courage to do so by Jenner.

Ellis, Aunjanue

In an interview with “Variety” published when she was 53 years old, the actress came out as bisexual. She claims that those closest to her knew all along, but that she was never overly enthusiastic to tell the world. And many others simply ignored it.

The actress wore a blazer that read “Queer” to the “Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards” ceremony in March 2022, but no one seemed to notice.

They have always been there for her, but Aunjanue’s family prefers that no one pay attention to them. When pressed for an explanation, she claimed that no one had ever asked her about it.

Cosnett, Rick

At the age of 36, the famous actor (and cousin of Hugh Grant) announced his sexual orientation publicly. Rick made a social media post about it. He claimed he had made a pact with himself to be truthful and content with his life.

He went on to say, “Sometimes that is a really hard thing to do when you have all these subconscious things you don’t even know about from childhood, from society, and from being, you know — just life.”

Artist: Emeli Sande

The 35-year-old vocalist has lately revealed that she has discovered her soul mate. The two ladies bonded through their shared love of music. Sande claims she’s never more happier than she is right now. She continued, “I’ll always love music and I’ll always love my work, but today it feels that regardless of what happens, I can just enjoy life and be truly happy. It’s tough going without a genuine support system or someone to talk to about it. Probably, yet I have no clear sense of my own identity. If I’m going to fall in love, it should be with whoever I’m falling in love with.

Ms. Jessica Phillips

The famed Broadway actress was approaching 50 when she moved in with her second husband, Ted Wilson, and their two children from her first marriage. She ultimately had to uproot from New York and set up shop in Los Angeles.

Jessica realised she was gay when she was away from her family and decided to learn more about herself.

“It wasn’t about assuming a new persona, but rather developing the one I already had,” she explained. Because, as you know, there is loss linked to opening oneself to change and newness, and I experienced a great deal of loss during that time, it was both a wonderful and painful experience for me.

The friendship between Jessica and her friend Chelsea Nachman developed further. The actress is relieved that her brothers have come to terms with her mother’s transformation. Furthermore, she says, “I do not have the answers, but I know that taking risks is okay and changing your mind is okay.”

 Mackenzie Phillips

At age 62, the iconic actress came out as bisexual. She declared, “I’ve had boyfriends, I’ve had girlfriends throughout my life.” When asked about her personal life, she quips, “Not everybody, almost.”

A. Phillip Schofield

This well-known British television actor came out as gay at the ripe old age of 57. He was supported in this endeavour by his wife Stefanie and their two daughters. Phillip revealed that he deliberated for a while before telling his wife the news.

We’ve never kept anything from each other,” he remarked. No one else in my life could have supported me as a wife as much as she has; she’s amazing and incredible.

A. Witold Sadowy

In honour of his 100th birthday, the Polish actor, journalist, and writer publicly acknowledged his homosexuality. He came out as gay during a television interview. This whole thing has been a confession, and now I feel better. To my credit, I was always forthright. I have no regrets. From 1942 on, he was in a committed relationship with Jan Ryow, an engineer.

The DJ Qualls

At age 41, the actor made the decision to come out as gay to the world. On Twitter he wrote, “It is 11:20 p.m. I recently came out while performing in San Diego. It’s true; I identify as a gay man. Been a queer man all along. I’m sick and tired of fretting over what other people will think of me. I’m sick of stressing about how this will affect my professional future.

Qualls had never discussed his private life before, but after his confession, he received overwhelming support from his admirers.

Penn Kal

Actor and comedian Kumar Hari, 45 In an interview for his book “You Can’t Be Serious,” Go to White Castle came out as gay. He and his boyfriend, it found out, had been together for 11 years. They had become engaged and were making wedding preparations. Penn had always been honest about how he felt, but neither his family nor his boyfriend wanted the news to get out.

Kal claims that he has always had his family’s backing. I came to terms with my sexuality later in life than most people,” he continued, “but that’s not unusual.” There is no set time limit for this. When I did it, it was the right time.

Gabby Tuft

Tyler Reks, a former pro wrestler, revealed her transgender identity at the age of 41. Gabby says she would do anything to make sure others don’t have to go through the same anguish she did on this journey. She has since become a transgender rights activist.

As a little girl, she adored her mother’s handmade clothes, but she was always afraid to wear them in public. She retired from professional sports and began trying on her wife’s clothes and makeup when she was alone.

Priscilla, her wife, and her daughter were both incredibly supportive of her. Gabby credits Priscilla for helping her come out of her funk by showing her the ropes of makeup and high heels. Priscilla then cautiously encouraged Tuft to think about transitioning, and she has been there for her the whole way. Gabby wrote, “So this is Love.,” on Instagram. After 24 years, our friendship is stronger than ever. Yours forever and ever.”

Bonus: Rebel Wilson was not given the option of picking a convenient time to come out.

Rebel Wilson decided to do a study in 2019. She dated a wide variety of people over the course of a year. She had to force herself to do it, but the outcome was worthwhile. In terms of figuring out her preferences, she remarked, “It actually really helped me in finding what I liked and didn’t like.”

Then, Wilson’s friend wanted to introduce him to Ramona Agruma, a fashion designer he knew. He had a feeling the gals would get along. He was totally correct.

Too bad Rebel had to go public with her new relationship with the world. An Australian news organisation informed the actress that they planned to publicly identify her.

Wilson was unprepared for the attention, but she made her own terms clear by posting on Instagram: “It was a very hard situation but trying to handle it with grace.” Many others showed their approval of the couple.

Do you know anyone who came out of the closet after initially disguising their sexual orientation?

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