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“What My Husband Sends Me Back When I Text Him for Style Advice”

The “The Real Mumma” blog is where Adele Barbaro, the blog’s creator and author, shares her most candid and heartfelt thoughts on motherhood with the world. Her most recent TikTok web series exemplifies how wonderful ordinary life can be.

Adele asks her husband’s advice before she buys new clothes, just like other wives do. Also, over time, the husband has developed several creative alternatives to the standard “thumbs up” gesture. Her husband uses Photoshop to show off his imagination by placing the outfit in surreal scenarios.

Adele “sends a pic to her husband, asking for his opinion, whenever she is unsure about the clothes she wants to buy.”

However, as of late, she has been receiving more than she expected.

“My husband and I have been together for about ten years now, and our marriage has always been based on humour and fun,” Adele adds. The two of us get a lot of joy out of making each other laugh.

She also revealed that she does not always seek her husband’s input. Only on the pieces of clothing she doubts.

Instead of saying, “looks great, babe,” he tells it like it is, and I like that.

Adele now sends pictures merely to see how her husband will react and what trouble he’ll get her into.

Her husband’s Photoshopped videos on TikTok quickly gained a large following.

She had to make Episode 2 because that’s what you do when your first video goes viral.

Despite this hilarity, the husband occasionally chimes in with his thoughts on the ladies’ attire.

And tells Adele when he loves it and when he doesn’t, which aids her in making decisions.

After the success of her second TikTok, she promised her audience that she would create a third installment if they requested it.

She went on to say that they attribute their successful relationship to their shared sense of humour. Because of the tension that being constantly on the go might cause. Therefore, it is a great fortune to share your life with someone who can make you laugh.

A research involving 3,000 married couples from five nations backs up her claim. Where it was discovered that each person was happy when paired with the other who made them laugh. Also, the wife placed a higher value on this information than her husband did. The study found that humour helped in both stages of relationship building.

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