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There were 9 beautiful women in the past whose beauty tips might sound strange today.

There are so many beauty items on store shelves that it’s not hard for women today to take care of themselves. Also, makeup and plastic surgery will not only make you look younger, but they will also fix any flaws in your look. But the stars of Hollywood’s “Golden Age” didn’t have access to all of these beauty luxuries. To stay on top, they had to use tricks that ranged from normal to crazy.

Bright Side thinks that these women should get extra respect for how smart they are. Many of these beauty tips became well-known and are still used today. In the extra part, you’ll find out how Michèle Mercier kept her beauty for so long.

Ginger Rogers used to sleep in the open air.

Ginger Rogers, an actress, singer, and dancer from Hollywood, once said that she hated going to beauty shops.
She didn’t wear any makeup outside of work so she could stay young. She would put on a thick night cream and wash her face in the morning with oil-based soap. She also lived in a healthy way, ate simply, and played tennis at least twice a week.

But sleeping outside was the main reason for her beauty and glowing face. Ginger Rogers and her husband used to sleep outside and only came inside when it rained.

Jean Harlow would massage her hair with hot olive oil.

Jean Harlow was the first blonde in Hollywood whose hair was all blonde. Max Factor himself helped her with her look, so the star knew a lot about how to look good. She told women that when they put cream on their faces, they shouldn’t rub the skin, but should instead pat it. Jean also said you shouldn’t brush your teeth up and down, but in a circle.

The star said that at least once a month, hot olive oil should be rubbed into the head to help hair grow and shine. One of her beauty tips was to massage her head every night and brush her hair.

Marilyn Monroe used red lipstick and white circles in the corners of her eyes.

Allan “Whitey” Snyder, a make-up artist, was the one who gave the famous beauty her look. He used an interesting trick to make Marilyn Monroe’s eyes look bigger, wider, and whiter.

Snyder would draw small white squares in the outer corners of the star’s eyes, right between the upper and lower wings of the eyeliner. So, the actress’s eyes looked like they were more wide open. He also used red makeup to draw attention to the inner corners of Marilyn’s eyes, which made them look lighter.

Vivien Leigh’s lipstick would go past the edges of her lower lip.

In Gone With the Wind, the actor who played Scarlett O’Hara didn’t think her lips were full enough. Even before it was popular, Vivienne would put lipliner or makeup on her lips so that it went past the lower lip line.

Also, this beauty tip was very well-known. In a makeup book from the 1940s, women were told to use a lip pencil to draw a contour line outside of the natural lip line. This trick made the lips look bigger without using “beauty injections.”

Marlene Dietrich lifted her collarbone area with duct tape.

Marlene Dietrich was a true style star, and she was ahead of her time in the days when plastic surgery wasn’t as common. She came up with her own kind of facelift. With the help of an adhesive plaster, the actor pulled the skin on her face and neck back to make it look younger. Also, some people say that when she put on a dress without a bra, she would fix her neckline the same way.

Maria Riva, her daughter, also talked about this hack. She said that Marlene Dietrich would use wide duct tape to make her body look taller around the throat.

Every day, Fannie Ward would hang upside down.

Fannie Ward was known as “forever young” because she always looked young. People say that she could play a 7-year-old girl when she was 55 years old because her skin stayed fresh and young.

Fannie said that the easy reason she was so young was that she hung upside down from a door frame every day. The star thought that it helped the blood clean the skin on her face, make it feel fresh, and give her energy back. The star says that her skin didn’t get old because she used this trick.

Ida Lupino used to peel salt.

Ida Lupino, who was an actress and director, said that she used a lot of unusual ways to take care of her face. She would put salt on a towel and rub her face and neck with it in small circles. After this, she would put a honey mask on her face and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it off with water.

The actress would do these things twice a week, and this way does make sense.

Selena Royle used to put tape between her eyebrows.

Selena Royle is an actor on radio, film, and TV. She wrote an article in which she suggested that all women put a piece of rhombus-shaped tape between their eyebrows. Selena thought that this method could help a woman stop frowning and keep wrinkles from showing up.

With this duct tape on their heads, the actress would get her countrymen to do all the chores. She was sure that they could stay beautiful even while doing jobs around the house.

Carole Lombard’s makeup was blue.

Carole Lombard was a charming actor with a hypnotic look. She was able to do this with just some blue makeup. She also wore violet eye makeup when she went out, which made her blue eyes look even better.

In the 1930s, Carol told women that when they put on mascara, they should open their mouths wide so that the face is as tight as possible and the eyes don’t shake. This keeps the mascara from getting smeared. Maybe it was because of this beautiful blonde woman that women everywhere started to paint their eyes with their mouths open.

Bonus: Michèle Mercier only bought inexpensive cream.

The French actor Michèle Mercier played Angélique, Marquise des Anges. She was known for her beauty and broke the hearts of many men. Women from all over the world wanted to know Michèle’s beauty secret so they could be more like their idol.

The actress’s skin was naturally smooth and clear, but it still needed care and lotion. Michèle Mercier admitted that she never bought expensive professional makeup. Instead, she used simple creams made from natural plant and herb ingredients.

Which of these tricks do you think would still work today? Please tell us what you do to stay looking young and beautiful.

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