You are currently viewing The coach gets mad at the players when they don’t stand for the national anthem. Take a look at the warriors on the left.

The coach gets mad at the players when they don’t stand for the national anthem. Take a look at the warriors on the left.

Some Virginia Tech basketball players were sitting during the national anthem, which was noticed by a coach. He gave them a message (video below) that they will never forget.

After it was first shared, Coach Buzz Williams’s speech about how important the national anthem is quickly went viral. It was an important and moving look at what it means to be an American and respect the flag.

Williams points to the bench and tells his players, “We didn’t earn those seats.”

You didn’t get those places because of your skills. You didn’t get those chairs because of how big you are, how fast you run, or how good a shooter you are. Even though I wrote a play, tried hard to find players, and worked hard, I didn’t get the chair. These guys messed up their lives when they were your age. They didn’t go to school anymore. They changed how they did their work, and because of those chairs, they died. Do you guys understand what I mean? We aren’t going to do it. So, when the national anthem is played, we’ll stand up like men and remember men like these who died so we could sit down.

Williams then tells the players that they should not only stand for the national anthem, but they should also pay attention to what they are honoring and not take their freedoms as Americans for granted.

“Then, while the song is played or someone sings it, we will stand at attention and honor these guys for the next two and a half minutes. We won’t move back and forth. “We’re not going to mess with our shorts or jersey,” he said.

“We’re going to give those two and a half minutes to the people who have earned these chairs because that gives us the freedom to do what we’re doing.”

People cheered Williams’ speech because they thought it was a good way to talk about the debate over the national anthem.

“I don’t know what this coach’s name is, but he is a good man. I cried when I heard what he said to these young guys. “He didn’t yell at them or make them feel bad,” said one AWM reader. Instead, he showed them how much real people had done for them. This song is about their country.”

“They’ll remember this lesson for the rest of their lives, and maybe they won’t treat a service person badly again. “Thanks, sir.”

The Washington Post says that Williams does this every season to teach people to respect the people who “earned the chairs.” He said that this is not a reaction to any protests about the national anthem that may or may not be happening around the world.

Watch the video below to see how he teaches some amazing Veterans how to enjoy freedom in a powerful and respectful way.

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