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The Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean Is “A Million Percent” Behind His Nine-Year-Old Daughter’s Transition From the Names Ava to Elliott

During developmental stages, many kids experiment with dressing, playing, and role-playing in ways that span the gender spectrum. If kids still act this way as adults, psychologists say it’s not a passing phase. Experts agree that talking to your child about their gender identification is crucial if they have any uncertainties about their sexual orientation. We would love for you to hear the famous singer’s thoughts on his daughter’s gender identification journey and how he is handling the situation in a uniquely fatherly way.

When it comes to his children, AJ McLean is all in.


AJ McLean, a famous singer, now devotes as much time and energy to his family as he did to his career. The former member of the Backstreet Boys and his wife, Rochelle Karidis, are the proud parents of two lovely young ladies. AJ McLean is still devoted to his wife and children even after nine years of marriage.

The singer credits much of his success to his wife, Rochelle. She has always supported him in his efforts to better himself and his role as a parent. McLean promised he and his wife would wait at least three years after their wedding to start a family, but they welcomed their daughter Ava into the world less than a year later.

Both of McLean’s daughters look up to their father.

Lyric, 5, and Ava, AJ’s eldest, are following in their famous father’s footsteps by venturing into the entertainment industry. Lyric, Ava’s younger sister, has shown a keen interest in her sister’s dancing training and has begun taking courses herself.

McLean gives his daughters a great deal of his time and attention. On Instagram, he frequently shows himself enjoying “girly” activities like getting manicures with his kids. Recently, he shown his dedication to supporting his daughters’ tastes, preferences, and opinions by accepting all of their activities and trying to play together with them.

You should have seen his face when he found out his daughter had a new name.

McLean and his wife Rochelle shared the news in an Instagram post. After two and a half years of homeschooling, the parents stated, “These two beautiful girls are back in the classroom!” Elliott (Ava) is in the fourth grade, and Lyric is off to a great start in kindergarten. That’s impossible! What an inspiring group of young women! Although I will miss them greatly, I can’t wait to see them soar.

It seemed like Ava’s parents were totally on board with her decision to change her name to Elliott, but they did stress that this was a “personal choice” and not a result of their daughter’s transgender identity.

In an interview, McLean explained, “When my daughter asked to change her name to Elliott, initially, I didn’t know if it was a transgender thing, which it is not; it is a personal choice.” And her physical form, her identity, her whole being are all hers. She is still Ava, after all. To me, she will always be Ava. When asked for an explanation, he said, “Whatever reasoning it is, that’s hers, and I’m going to support it a million percent, my wife will too.”

Even if Ava’s new identity has nothing to do with transgender issues, her father will always be there to support her. Because Ava is “not that unique and not that original,” and because his daughter had met many other girls with the same name at school and dancing class, AJ McLean decided to give his daughter a new name.


My wife and I will always be there to cheer for and support both of our daughters on whatsoever route they choose. We’re basically like that as a family,” he explained.

If your child proposed changing their name, how would you feel about it? Do you agree with AJ McLean’s assessment of the situation?

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