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People have different opinions when a woman says she won’t leave her daughter alone with a male cousin.

Aubrey started a discussion online after saying she wouldn’t leave her daughter alone with a male cousin.

The woman who is a mother of two and goes by the name @theorganicmami on TikTok said something controversial.

The young mom talked about the “controversial” ways she’s raising her daughter as a first-time mom in a “Get Ready With Me” video.

“There will be no sleepovers, not even with family. And a man will never be alone with her. She starts the movie by saying, “I don’t care if you’re the grandparent, the uncle, or the cousin.”

She goes on to say that she won’t treat her daughter any differently than she would a boy.

“For example, if I let my son go out late but not my daughter because it’s too dangerous for a woman, I’m just going to treat them both the same,” she says.

Aubrey also said that her children won’t be able to hide anything from her and her husband.

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“Your parents won’t be kept in the dark about anything. “And if you’re one of those people who says, ‘I’ll give you candy when your mom isn’t here, just don’t tell her,’That’s the quickest way to never see us again,” she says in the video.

She also has rules for the people who will be around her child.

“She doesn’t have to kiss you, hug you, or sit on your lap just because you asked her to and you’re a relative and haven’t seen her in a long time,” she says in the clip.

“She doesn’t have to respect you if you don’t respect her. Even though she’s young, she still has feelings and opinions and is allowed to have them.”

Aubrey also wants to teach her daughter at home and try holistic ways to treat health problems before she turns to Western treatment.
In the video, she says, “We’re not going to have a public school system where you have to sit at a desk for eight hours and don’t learn anything you really care about.”

She said, “I’m teaching her to stand up for herself, set limits, and say no.”

Aubrey says she is also telling her daughter that she can always come to her and that she never has to hide anything.

In the comments, people had different thoughts. Some people thought that she was taking away memories from her childhood by not letting her daughter go to sleepovers.

“She’ll never be able to spend the night with her friends?” Don’t judge. One person said, “Those were some of my best childhood memories.”

Another person said, “I don’t see what’s wrong with sleepovers if you know the parents and the kid. They’re some of my best memories.”
Others praised the young mother for putting her kid first.

“At a sleepover, so many things happened to me as a child!! “Good for you, mum,” said one person.

“I used to get so mad at my mum for not letting me go to sleepovers,” said another. Now that I’m a mother, I get it.”

A third person said, “As a child, I was forced to let adult family and friends kiss me, hug me, and let me sit on their laps. It was “cute” and it scared me.

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