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Meet a great tomato grower who has been doing his job for 58 years.

Cybill Gorby, born and raised in Tyler County, West Virginia, and is now 92 years old, has used the same family of seeds to grow traditional tomatoes since 1965.

Cybill Gorby, who was born and raised in Tyler County, West Virginia, and is now 92 years old, has been planting seeds from this heirloom tomato family since 1965. Every spring, she takes care of the seeds in her yard, and by the middle of August, she has beautiful, juicy tomatoes. Gorby thinks that the tomatoes grown from these seeds year after year are great. Gorby is still living in the house she and her late husband made 60 years ago. She has a green thumb and fell in love with gardening when she was a teenager and helped her neighbour take care of her yard. She’s proud of herself when she sees a seed grow into something tasty to eat.

When Gorby and her husband moved to a farm, she was happy to have a yard. At its largest, it was 40 yards by 40 yards and was full of fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, and plants. She also put flowers and other plants, like potatoes, green beans, corn and watermelons. Gorby always had enough food and veggies to feed everyone in the neighbourhood, and she never wanted to sell her harvest for money.

Sandy Marody, Gorby’s daughter, ate heirloom tomatoes as a child and thinks they have something special about them. Tomato trees grow from the seeds on their own. According to the Washington Post, some seeds, like those from last year’s crop, will grow into big heirloom tomatoes. When Marodi put a picture of her mother carrying the tomato on Facebook, people were shocked by how big it was.

Betty thinks that planting is the key to a long, happy life. She thinks it keeps her busy and lets her use all of her muscles to dig and pull. Betty’s favourite way to eat them is on hand-made sandwiches with bacon, eggs, and homegrown tomatoes.

Marody, Betty’s daughter, just put a picture of her mum with some huge tomatoes on Facebook. Strangers came to me to buy seeds after seeing the picture, which was very strange. Betty is afraid to sell anything from her yard, but Marody sends envelopes to people who ask for seeds. Betty hopes that other people will love her unique tomatoes as much as she did and grow them themselves.

Betty Gorby has grown unique tomatoes for the past 58 years because she loves to garden. Because she saved seeds from the biggest and best tomatoes, she was able to grow juicy, tasty tomatoes that everyone loved. Betty wants other people to enjoy growing and eating heirloom tomatoes as much as she does. She thinks farming is the key to a long and happy life.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Sandy Marody

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