You are currently viewing I’m a “Catfish” with no front teeth, but I look like Mariah Carey when I put on makeup.

I’m a “Catfish” with no front teeth, but I look like Mariah Carey when I put on makeup.

Even though makeup is meant to bring out our natural beauty, some people take it to a new level. Some of the woman’s front teeth are missing, but her amazing “catfish” makeover has shocked her fans. Some people have even said she looks like Mariah Carey.

Sarah knows how to make people wonder what to say next.

Sarah Andres is a woman from Edmonton. On TikTok and Instagram, she is known as @lashesandlosing. She recently shared a video with many fans that showed how she does makeovers in her beauty shop at home.

People saw how, all of a sudden, all of the pores on the woman’s face in the video vanished. She went from wearing a casual outfit and a messy ponytail to putting on a beautiful evening dress and styling her hair like Mariah Carey.

People’s responses were very different.

The video showing how much Sarah looks like a popular singer got a lot of comments. People mostly praised the self-taught makeup artist, who lost two of her front teeth in a bike accident.

Some people even asked the woman for a full makeup lesson; others said it was “amazing” how she changed.

Some people, though, seemed doubtful. They said that the woman didn’t just use makeup to help herself. One watcher said Sarah “uses a filter to cover her nasolabial folds.” Another man scolded the woman, saying, “Until you wake up next to them in the morning.”

But many people defended Sarah by writing, “haters are jealous.” “I think that what you do is great. “The way the makeup is done is perfect,” a friend wrote.

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