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Helen Schryver’s Captured Newborns Are Introduced to Their Families After Being Held in a Lockdown

Because of the covid-19 epidemic, you may have missed out on experiences that are unique to specific points in your lives. Perhaps as a grandparent or great-grandparent you have been prevented from experiencing the joy of meeting a new member of your family. Many newborns may now be almost a year old without ever having met a single member of their family.

Helen Schryver had experienced the same thing when she was prevented from visiting her newborn nephew in April 202. 13 babies were delivered during the lockdown, and she photographed them as they were introduced to their families for the first time. She also released a new collection of works she considers to be the best of her project.Visit for details.

Saul the toddler will finally meet his grandma Jill and grandpa Gerry. As Gerry is blind, he will have to rely on touch to communicate with Saul. Only one of Saul’s grandparents has met him, and he hasn’t met any of his cousins yet.

Jude finally got to meet his great grandmother. A hug from her would do him good right now.

Zachary’s great-grandmother, Patricia, is 95 years old. He’s incredibly fortunate to have met someone from around a century before his own birth. And it would be a really memorable occasion for both of them to finally meet.

This is the first time the baby girl born during the Christmas Lockdown has met her uncle and aunt in person. She had solely interacted with them via window and Zoom calls.

Greeks place a high value on family life. And the epidemic prevented them from ever actually meeting. And here’s 7-month-old George being introduced to mum and dad.

Leo, who is only three months old, gets to spend time with his great aunt and great cousins. They’re sharing an unforgettable moment together.

The fact that you are your grandparents’ first grandchild makes you extra special. They finally reunited after a long separation and spent time with their first grandchild, Benjamin.

Seeing the infants for the first time is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can never be repeated. Everyone values family highly, and it might be difficult to avoid spending time with one’s loved ones, especially one’s offspring.

Please share your thoughts on this with us. During this lockdown, have you also found yourself in a similar situation?

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